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These are a many successful moments in cocktail enlightenment from 2017.

If we don’t count a mixed beast hurricanes regulating over a partial of a world, a wildfires torching California, mass shootings, a arise of neo-Nazis in America and a remarkable dump in accessible jobs for clowns following a recover of a fear film “It,” 2017 was a best year given 1346.

You remember 1346, right? That’s when a Black Death disease started in Europe and eventually wiped out 50 million people. Woot. Woot. The Renaissance producer Petrarch, who was around in 1346, wrote, “O happy posterity, who will not knowledge such deplorable anguish and will demeanour on a testimony as a fable.”

Someone puncture adult Petrarch and give him a Twitter comment so he can criticism about feign news and choice facts.

Petrarch also wrote: “Five good enemies of assent live with us — avarice, ambition, envy, annoy and pride; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly suffer incessant peace.”

Hmmm, consternation given that sounds so damn wise for 2017?

Instead of focusing on a disastrous aspects of a politically divided, environmentally fraudulent and aggressively indignant events of 2017, let’s concentration on some of a some-more revelation and totally absurd trends that came to pass over a past 12 months. Here we go:

1.) The year got off to an reasonably absurd start on Jan. 4, when a 17-year-old named Cal Marshall motionless to strike a poise doing a renouned “dabbing” dance pierce while his father, Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) was being sworn into bureau by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Considering all Congress did this year, we consider a child was only perplexing to censor his face.

2.) Wasn’t it good when “La La Land” went home with a Oscar for Best Picture? For dual minutes.

3.) Fidget Spinners became all a rage. The whirling, hand-held novelties were ostensible to assistance people concentration on such critical things as … hey, we forgot what we was saying. The Fidget Spinner had me hypnotized.

4.) Want to know a genuine reason Millennials are so messed up? OK, here it is: avocado toast. Multimillionaire Australian developer Tim Gurner went on “60 Minutes” and pronounced a reason millennials don’t have adequate income to buy imagination houses and McMansions is given they are spending all their money on “smashed avocado for $19 and 4 coffees during $4 each.” The millennials huddled together and drew adult a response to Mr. Gurner. It said: “Go guac’ yourself, mate.”

5.) Hey, vocalization of profitable too many for coffee … a Starbucks coffee sequence introduced a Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Crème for a singular time of 5 days during April. Here’s how Starbucks described a $5 beverage: “Magical flavors start off honeyed and fruity transforming to agreeably sour. Swirl it to vaunt a color-changing philharmonic of purple and pink. It’s finished with churned cream-sprinkled pinkish and blue angel powders.” (The final time we had too many blue angel powder, a cops had to come fetch me from a tip of a dungeon phone building in Wetumpka.) There’s substantially a deeper reason given Americans wanted to slurp an overly honeyed splash named after a fabulous quadruped in hopes of restraint out a nauseous realities of 2017 yet I’ll leave it adult to we and your therapist.

6.) Also in Apr 2017, trendsetter Kendall Jenner took a shellacking on amicable media after she starred in a TV blurb regulating a Black Lives Matter-style criticism as a backdrop to hawk Pepsi-Cola. The ads were fast pulled. Not many people know this yet Fresca was a central soothing splash of a anti-Vietnam War movement. 

7.) In June, a transparent liquid, “alco-pop” libation called Zima, renouned in a early ‘90s, done a comeback. Dry-cleaners around a nation saw an present swell in profits from scrubbing millions of puked-on promenade dresses.

8.) The many renouned appendage of a summer was not First Lady Melania Trump’s spiky, runway-ready, stiletto Hurricane Heels that she wore on a approach to see survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Eclipse eyeglasses were a prohibited object to have in Aug when a object was blocked out of a sky in a U.S. This being America, though, it did not take prolonged before a South Carolina integrate filed a lawsuit opposite Amazon for allegedly offering inadequate obscure eyeglasses online.

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