Here’s because we’re spooky with Ben & Jerry’s new low-calorie Cherry Garcia ice cream

Just since summer is over doesn’t meant that ice cream deteriorate is a thing of a past. True ice cream lovers are down with a cold provide even when temperatures dump from cold to totally freezing.

So when Ben Jerry’s announced a launch of 4 new flavors on Thursday, we knew we had to get a hands on some pints for a TODAY staff to try.

The new flavors are partial of Ben Jerry’s Moo-Phoria line, that means that they’re lower-calorie ice creams and have about 140-160 calories per half-cup serving. By comparison, a same distance portion of a normal Ben Jerry’s ice ranges between 250 to 300 calories. The association expelled a initial 3 lower-calorie flavors in Feb and they’ve been noticed as Ben Jerry’s chronicle of a super renouned lower-calorie Halo Top ice cream. Moo-Phoria ice creams also have adult to 70 percent reduction fat than a chain’s normal pints.

Unlike Halo Top, Ben Jerry’s Moo-Phoria flavors enclose no erythritol, sugarine alcohols, or sugarine substitutes and a association uses genuine milk, eggs and cream in a recipes. The ice cream bases simply have a reduce fat calm and reduction sugar. So while a pints are unequivocally lighter, they’re still approach some-more caloric than a standard Halo Top season that is customarily reduction than 300 calories for a whole pint.

The new Moo-Phoria flavors embody Cherry Garcia with a Twist, Mocha Fudge Brownie, P.B. Marshmallow Swirl and Chocolate Cookie EnlightenMint. On Friday, TODAY’s editors pulled out their spoons and dug into a pints to establish if a ice creams were value it.

Ben amp; Jerry’s

First up, a Cherry Garcia with a Twist, that comes in during 140 calories per portion (or 560 calories for those eat-it-all pint people). It’s a lightened-up chronicle of one of a creamery’s all-time best-selling flavors, Cherry Garcia, that was named after a Grateful Dead’s late frontman Jerry Garcia.

The Moo-Phoria chronicle is done with cherry-chocolate ice cream, chunks of cherry and fudge flakes.

The strange season is a favorite of many TODAY staffers, so a vigour was on for a low-cal chronicle to broach — and it did. A infancy of a tasters pronounced that it was their favorite of a new flavors. Several people pronounced that it tasted only like a original. “Now we can eat a full pint and feel a small reduction guilty,” one chairman said.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Another taster remarkable that it “was unequivocally a sweetest of a bunch” and that it “has a somewhat alcoholic-twist to it, that we loved, though it’s a very, unequivocally clever cherry liqueur form season aftertaste that competence not be for everyone.”

Still, low-calorie ice cream isn’t for everybody — even when it’s this good. “The Cherry Garcia was my favorite though I’d rather have full-fat Cherry Garcia,” one taster said.

Although a bumped-up chocolate season in a Cherry Garcia with a Twist was a hit, a season that a tasters approaching would have a many chocolate-forward season didn’t container as most of a punch.

Ben amp; Jerry’s

The Mocha Fudge Brownie Moo-Phoria is done with light mocha ice cream, chunks of brownies and a toasted marshmallow swirl. It’s 150 calories per serving.

Two people suspicion a season was good, though several others suspicion it was flattering unremarkable.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

One chairman felt that it was “too mocha-y” and others were unequivocally unhappy with a miss of chocolate flavor.

“The Mocha Fudge Brownie wasn’t my favorite since as someone who loves chocolate, we wish it to fundamentally punch me in a face with cocoa-ness —this didn’t,” one taster said. “But it wasn’t bad, only not unequivocally value a calories to prove a loyal chocolate craving.”

Ben amp; Jerry’s

The P.B. Marshmallow Swirl season bills itself as a peanut butter ice cream with “gobs of marshmallow” and chopped peanut butter cookies. It rings in during 160 calories per serving.

While dual people suspicion it was “amazing,” another suspicion “it was tawny and cold, though that it tasted tedious and lacked a nuanced honeyed and tainted peanut butter season that should have been present.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Although it wasn’t a altogether elite flavor, it was still flattering good perceived by a rest of a tasters.

“My slightest favorite is a peanut butter, though i didn’t dislike it,” pronounced one taster.

Ben amp; Jerry’s

Going over standard packet chocolate chip, a Chocolate Cookie EnlightenMint season consists of mint-flavored ice cream that’s churned with fudge truffles and chopped chocolate cookies. It’s 160 calories per pint.

Mint was a altogether second favorite season of a bunch. “I desired it,” dual people enthusiastically said. “I consider a airier hardness compliments a levity of a ice cream,” another said.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

One taster poetically remarkable that a ice cream had “a small wheeze of mint” and others concluded that it was “minty though subtle.”

“While many low-calorie ice creams can finish adult being too sweet, a packet season was unequivocally easily balanced,” another taster noted.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

In a end, nonetheless many editors were doubtful about a new low-calorie flavors, roughly everybody desired a tawny hardness of a ice creams. Many were “very agreeably surprised” and remarked that they “didn’t ambience like low fat ice cream during all.”

The Cherry Garcia with a Twist season was unequivocally a favorite and even won over a few non-cherry amatory fans.

“I suspicion they would ambience like protein powder like Halo Top,” dual people said.

One taster said, “It doesn’t have a bleached coherence like Halo Top mostly has. The hardness is unequivocally identical to unchanging ice cream and a best partial is they are packaged with toppings like cookies and brownies that is because i adore standard ice cream so much. Flavor and hardness are positively not sacrificed for reduction calories.”

Still, everybody remarkable that there is a difference.

One taster said, “Is it as decadent as genuine Ben and Jerry’s? No. But it’s a lighter chronicle that’s ideally beguiling with unequivocally small aftertaste.”

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