Here’s what we need to know about diet accomodations in dining halls


What it means: Veganism excludes a expenditure of any animal products from someone’s diet. For instance not eating eggs, cheese or milk. 

ISU Dining Accommodation: All dining centers on campus have some form of vegan food everyday, and Friley Windows has a territory usually for vegan dishes.

Celiac illness or vital gluten free

What it means: Gluten is a piece that is found in many cereal grains. Celiac Disease is a illness that means a defence complement to have a greeting when an particular consumes gluten. Gluten giveaway people select to cut gluten from their diet for personal or health reasons.

ISU Dining Accommodation: While some students self conduct when it comes to gluten-free food, they can check with a food label or cook if we have questions about a food in dining halls, or revisit a Special Diet Kitchen during UDCC.


What it means: Kosher is a eremite diet limitation in that food is sold, baked or eaten according to Jewish law. This diet has restrictions formed on a opposite kinds of meat, dairy, fruits etc. 

ISU Dining Accommodation: Like those vital gluten-free many people self manage, and can use a Special Diet Kitchen if they wish.


What it means: Halal is beef that meets a standards for a Muslim religion. The animal that a beef came from contingency be scrupulously slaughtered in sequence for it to accommodate a standards. 

ISU Dining Accommodation: Halal is identified in dining halls with a Blue box on a TV during a entryway to a dining gymnasium or food cards.

Peanut/nut allergy

What it means: A peanut/nut allergy is when an particular has an allergic greeting to a kind of bulb or peanut.

ISU accommodation: The mixture can be found on a food cards, and dishes containing peanuts or other nuts is kept divided from other foods. 

The destiny of food limitation warnings:

“Were building icons to indicate out that contains dairy, wheat, shellfish and will be implemented when a new site comes and we’re anticipating that will assistance brand preferences and allegiances.” pronounced Karen Rodekamp a manager for ISU Dining.

Rodenkamp also remarkable that utensils will be tone coated to compare with a correct food to equivocate cross-contact. The colors will compare a indicators for a dishes and hopefully all will be implemented by Jan of subsequent year.

Why is it critical to keep food separate?

Even a smallest bit of hit from another food product can means a greeting to those who are allergic.

“One occurrence was a sugarine cookie that was peanut giveaway happened to be on a tray subsequent to peanut butter cookie. The sugarine cookie had some peanut butter excess and that caused an allergic reaction,” pronounced Mohammed Ali, executive of ISU Dining. 

What happens if someone does have a greeting or consumes cross-contaminated food

“First would be to call 911 if they are carrying a reaction, afterwards assistance them ideally. Hopefully they lift an epipen with them during all times,” pronounced Lisa Nolting, a purebred dietician during ISU Dining. Nolting also suggested that those who have a serious allergy never eat in a dining halls alone and has during slightest one chairman with them who knows about their allergy.

The Special Diet Kitchen:

The special diet kitchen allows students who have allergies or food restrictions to make, or eat food in a cross-contact giveaway environment.

“Over 40 students implement a Special Diet Kitchen- we’re training that some-more students self conduct allergens. However, we can during slightest yield them with a collection to keep them safe,” Rodekamp said.

This kitchen can be used usually by ask and those who do are asked to keep a as apart as possible. In sequence to request to use a special diet kitchen, one would have to speak to Lisa Nolting.

“They need to accommodate with me, fill out some paper work, that we can get off of a website and they also need to contention support to me or a incapacity apparatus office,” Nolting said. 

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