Here’s How To Pair Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies With Beer

Here’s How To Pair Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies With Beer

It’s one of a sweetest times of a year: Girl Scout cookies season. Grab a box from your next-door neighbor’s daughter or revisit stands outward internal businesses to buy a few of your favorite flavors—and don’t forget to squeeze a container of your favorite brew, too. Thanks to a friends over during Fort Lauderdale’s The Brass Tap, an upscale qualification drink and booze bar, we have a discernment on beers that span good with each form of Girl Scout cookies.

Thin Mints

The Girl Scouts’ many renouned cookie pairs best with an American porter, a favorite drink of many Founding Fathers. The roasted and chocolatey accents of a decoction compliments a packet season of a cookie perfectly.


Featuring a pleasant records of coconut, a Samoa cookie pairs good with fruity and yeasty esters supposing by a hefeweizen brew.


Pour adult a silky well-spoken oatmeal vigourous with grown records that accent a abounding oatmeal and peanut butter found in Do-si-dos.


Marry eccentric brownish-red ales and Tagalongs together to season each note of vanilla and peanut butter found within a cookie. 


A Berliner Weisse, known for citric flavors, lactic astringency and dry finishes won’t repress a Lemonades’ citrus multiple of lemon and shortbread.


Trefoils are a honeyed shortbread cookie. Keep your taste light by soaking a cookie down with an American wheat ale.


Get friendly with a Thanks-A-Lot, a soothing cookie filled with abounding chocolate. It pairs best with an majestic stout, that will yield we with a warming ABV (alcohol by volume).

Cranberry Citrus Crisps

What goes improved with fruit than, well…other fruit? The frail decoction of a tough apple cider will assistance a cookie’s cranberry season cocktail in your mouth.


Keep it smokey with graham, chocolate and marshmallow flavors interconnected with a smoked porter or a rauchbier. Close your eyes, take a punch and fake you’re by a campfire. 

Savannah Smiles

Round out a citrusy Savannah Smiles cookie with a chalky fibre and pointed honeyed records of a cream ale.


Toffe-Tastics are abounding butter cookies with small golden pieces of toffee. Echo that deliciousness with a malty base, found in a well-crafted amber ale. 

Photo pleasantness of The Brass Tap

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