Here’s a coffee lover’s beam to downtown Santa Rosa

Whether you’re a nonfat, additional hot, two-pump caramel latte in a reusable crater form of chairman or a black coffee in a to-go paper crater person, downtown Santa Rosa has a java mark for you.

Like snowflakes, no one has accurately a same take on their morning, afternoon or dusk brew. We all have copiousness of options.

Like attracts like, though, so we’ve damaged down some favorite internal coffee haunts by celebrity type.

Unicorn-spotting: Brew

The rainbow-painted crosswalk in front of Brew speaks volumes about a thorough vibe of this multiple coffeehouse and pub. Owned by partners Alisse Cottle and Jessica Borrayo, who both worked in a coffee industry, a artsy vibe attracts internal creatives from a neighborhood. You’ll find them sipping Ritual Roasters pour-overs while doodling in notebooks.

A elementary menu includes bagels, pastries, salads, soups and other nibbles. In a evenings, Brew hosts Drag Bingo, open mics, live song and a 4-6 p.m. happy hour.

Address: 555 Healdsburg Ave.

Maxi-minimalist: Acre Coffee

Restrained and minimalist, Acre’s assembly is some-more of a locally sourced, organic, giveaway trade throng who likes to span house-made granola and Straus yogurt with pour-overs. Space is equally minimal downtown, though a village list with happy terrariums is a favorite place to people-watch.

Its chai is unmatched, and donuts are done uninformed daily in Petaluma for a circuitously stores.

Address: 621 Fourth St.

Night owl: A’Roma

A’Roma is a people’s coffee shop. With a helluva good crater of coffee, along with teas and imagination espresso drinks, a concentration is formulating a village hangout with glorious people-watching rather than a sermon on registered coffee beans. Open until 10 p.m., it’s also a good late-night hangout for writers, night owls and couples on shaken initial dates.

Address: 95 Fifth St.

Dark side: Crooks

There’s a dim side to a latest entrant in a downtown coffee game, and it’s not only their coffee. Themed around a producer Edgar Allan Poe, fans will adore a ebony references and communication books sparse around a shop. If you’re not a fan, a accessible tables (one has a possess gas fireplace), an endless splash list that includes a bruleed coffee and contented staff will win we over anyway.

Address: 404 Mendocino Ave.

OG internal coffee fans: Flying Goat

Known to locals as “The Goat”, Railroad Square’s Flying Goat Coffee has prolonged been a arguable mark for top-notch, locally roasted coffee. There are frequency open seats, though it’s only as fun to watch a SMART commuter sight come and go from a parking lot. Sadly, we can’t lay on a marks anymore.

Address: 10 Fourth St.

Drive-up Joe: Dutch Bros

This vibrantly accessible drive-up is all about juicy blended drinks and a celebration vibe. The little kiosk cranks out hundreds of high-octane drinks daily to a Santa Rosa High School and Junior College throng who accumulate around pre- and post-class.

Whatever we sequence will be mega. Or extra. Or whatever a kids are observant these days.

Address: 1300 Mendocino Ave.

Frappuccino Fest: Starbucks

By now, many of us know a disproportion between a venti and a grande either we wish to or not, interjection to this Seattle monolith. As a republic we also can substantially charge during slightest a bruise or dual to a adore event with frappuccinos with additional whip and caramel.

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