Happiness Club advantage inspires kids by a arts

Energetic immature members of The Happiness Club pulled out all a stops interesting a throng during their 20th annual advantage Aug. 13 during Park West. The kids rapped, danced and tapped before an assembly of scarcely 200 to advantage a 23-year-old Happiness Club, a nonprofit that provides a protected place for a different organisation of immature people to demonstrate themselves by a arts. The eventuality also enclosed a opening by a star of a Chicago prolongation of “Hamilton,” a singer/songwriter Chris Lee, who was respected as artist of a year.

The eventuality was co-chaired by longtime supporters Maureen and Marc Schulman. “Instead of unresolved out on a travel corner, a members are in operation or during shows, compelling certain values and amicable change by a origination of hip-hop music, dance and rap. The thought is to pull kids in with a strain and enthuse them with a lyrics. Thousands of kids are unprotected to The Happiness Club by a many citywide performances,” Maureen Schulman said.

Before a 45-minute module and performances, guest enjoyed a ambience of Chicago with iconic eateries charity adult tasty fare. The casual, buffet-style cooking enclosed cheesecake and beef sandwiches from Eli’s Cheesecake, pizza from Lou Malnati’s and Vienna Beef prohibited dogs.

The club’s artistic director, Tanji Harper, gave a rousing introduction of a performers and spoke sexually about “her” kids. “I know these kids. They read, they investigate tough and they have choices to make that aren’t easy. They’re perplexing to find adults in their lives who will assistance them make a right choices. So, that’s a job. This is where we come in.” She added, “The Happiness Club is a paradise in a sense. There’s secular diversity, support and brotherhood.”

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