Hamill’s Dairy Queen celebrates 50 years of village impasse in Red Deer

A internal family-owned business is celebrating fifty years of providing a Red Deer village with prohibited eats, cold treats and copiousness of support along a way.

The Hamill family started with one Dairy Queen plcae in downtown Red Deer, nearby a hospital. Three some-more locations in North Hill, Deer Park and south Red Deer, were purchased or built in 1978, 1991 and 2004 respectively.

Rob Hamill says it all started when his father fell in adore with a Dairy Queen in Estevan, Saskatchewan and wished to work indoors.

From there, Gordon Hamill finished swell relocating west with his tenure of Dairy Queen locations until his initial in Red Deer was purchased in 1967 as a walk-up Dairy Queen.

The stream building on a dilemma of 43 travel and Gaetz Avenue was built in 1972 and has been a Red Deer tack ever since.

Rob says some of a best memories in a 50 years of tenure have enclosed mostly staff and events.

“It’s always a flog now to have staff come behind in. I’m removing kids now of former staff entrance in observant ‘my mom pronounced we should come work for we guys.’”

Gordon and his mother Heather had good honour in their work in a village and instilled in their children a significance of village engagement.

“It was drilled into me from a immature age that if we turn partial of a village and assistance take caring of it, they will take caring of you,” Rob explains. “Yes we give lots behind to a community, though a village has finished a whole lot for us and authorised us to stay in business for that prolonged doing something that we adore to do.”

One of a many obvious methods of giving behind to a village by Dairy Queen is their Miracle Treat Day, entrance adult on Aug 10th, during that supports are lifted for a Children’s Miracle Network. Money lifted locally is separate between a Calgary and Edmonton children’s sanatorium locations, since Rob pronounced kids in Red Deer are sent both ways depending on their ailments or a accessibility of beds.

“We also have a large impasse in a Red Deer hospital. We have a room, it was a initial one they ever sold, in a pediatric ward. We also supply cake so a nurses know if there’s a child adult there carrying a birthday they come down here and get one.”

Rob pronounced other ways they stay connected with a village embody their contributions to reading programs over a years as good as rendezvous with sporting teams and sponsoring scholarships during a high propagandize level.

While Rob has taken a step behind from spending so many hours working, only as his father did years ago, his children, Drew, Justine and Victoria, have stepped adult to take on a challenge. Drew and Justine are stability on in a family business, while Victoria skeleton to turn a propagandize teacher. Rob pronounced there’s a lot of honour saying a family business continues on to a third generation.

Rob’s hermit Dean owns and operates a North plcae and Rob pronounced it’s been good to keep it all in a family as his father’s legacy.

Currently, a 4 Dairy Queen locations owned by a Hamills occupy scarcely 170 people. Rob pronounced they do put concentration on contracting girl who might only be removing their feet in a door.

“It’s good when we see a child who comes in really bashful and still and see them come out of their bombard and be means to mount there during a opposite and be shocked a initial integrate times, though after a few months they’re articulate away.”

Rob pronounced a business is a daily plea though that it’s good fun and a good approach to accommodate new people in a City of Red Deer. 

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