Halo Top fans are removing their really possess low-calorie ice cream shop

Fans of Halo Top adore a brand’s low-calorie spin on their favorite ice cream flavors. But until now, a usually approach a healthier ice cream was out of a protein-packed pint from a grocery store.

Next week, Halo Top devotees can squeeze a honeyed provide on-the-go — if we live in a Los Angeles area, anyway. On Nov. 15, Halo Top is opening a unequivocally initial standalone dip emporium in a Westfield Topanga Mall. Those who can make it to a grand opening will be means measure one giveaway ice cream provide all day prolonged on opening day.

We have something large entrance up…😉

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The emporium is rolling out Halo Top’s unequivocally possess chronicle of soothing offer though don’t worry, a normal ice cream pints will be accessible for squeeze there as well.

So does a softer ice cream ring loyal to a brand’s lower-calorie claims? Halo Top soothing offer clocks in during 90 per a 4-ounce serving. It will be accessible in Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Cup and Pistachio flavors though these varieties will all be partial of a seasonally rotating menu.

Halo Top’s other signature flavors, like Cinnamon Roll, Pancakes and Waffles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Caramel Macchiato and Sea Salt Caramel, will also be batch in pint form.

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Halo Top isn’t usually charity a new form of ice cream though they’re also charity copiousness of ways to eat it. Servings come in a cup, in several cone options (including a “puffle” cone, waffle cone, sugarine cone or cake cone), as good as a Halo Top taco, with classic, red or blue waffle cone shells.

And while a toppings, that embody marshmallow sauce, uninformed mango, mochi and shredded coconut, aren’t calorie free, a code is charity dual singular ways to suffer your ice cream: on vegan cookies or high-protein cookies.

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“We are so vehement to open a initial brick-and-mortar Halo Top Scoop Shop, and it’s unequivocally a dream come loyal for us,” Halo Top’s owner and CEO Justin Woolverton pronounced in a statement. “The usually time we ‘cheat’ on Halo Top is when we get solidified yogurt installed with toppings. Our idea with a Scoop Shop is to let a fans supplement all a toppings they could presumably wish to a soothing offer chronicle of Halo Top — that is impossibly tasty and ditches a tanginess of solidified yogurt.”

Ditches a tanginess? Guess Halo Top isn’t going after Pinkberry’s signature spicy season profile.

For a many clinging solidified provide fans, a code is also rising a unequivocally possess Halo Top Scoop Shop App, a faithfulness module where guest can pointer adult to win giveaway ice cream among other prizes.

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