Häagen-Dazs Has Released Cherry Blossom Ice Cream for Valentine’s Day

haagen dazs cherry freshness ice cream accessible in a uk

Sadly it’s disdainful to a U.K. for now.

Though Valentine’s Day is evidently about adore or whatever, copiousness of people are happy to usually use a holiday as an forgive to indulge in chocolate and other sweets. And this year, lovers of sugarine in a United Kingdom have gotten a special Valentine’s provide pleasantness of Häagen-Dazs: The pint-sized ice cream code is releasing a limited-edition Cherry Blossom ice cream opposite a pool finish with an affectionate pinkish color.

According to a creatively Bronx, New York-based ice cream brand, this Cherry Blossom accumulation gets a season and colors from sakura extract, cherry freshness flowers and a whirl of cherry sauce. Additionally, a wrapping facilities a colorful and eye-popping floral settlement from British engineer Kitty McCall to make it additional alluring in a suggestion of a holiday.

“The launch of Cherry Blossom is timed to gain on Valentine’s Day and, with a regretful pinkish paint and floral packaging, it will have good on shelf standout in store,” Arjoon Bose, conduct of selling for Häagen-Dazs, was quoted as saying. Despite that “in store” comment, however, KamCity reports that a while-supplies-last charity is accessible exclusively from British online tradesman Ocado.

If a news of this U.K.-exclusive Cherry Blossom Häagen-Dazs has left we feeling jealous, we roughly positively don’t wish to hear this news: The United Kingdom isn’t a usually nation that got Häagen-Dazs ice cream peaked with cherry freshness flavors this year. Last month, a American code also launched a new season in Japan called Mochi Sakura An which, according to SoraNews24, featured “a triple assisting of cherry freshness deliciousness”: sakura ice cream surfaced with sakura and honeyed bean pulp and afterwards drizzled with sakura sauce.

Meanwhile, Washington D.C.’s got to be wondering, how many some-more cherry freshness trees do we have to plant before Häagen-Dazs gives us some love, huh?

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