Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Used As Buns On Not-So- Secret Chicago Burger

May is National Burger Month, so any week DNAinfo is bringing we a story of a singular burger and a maker. Here’s a final burger.

CHICAGO — Secrets are tough to keep, tip menus even some-more so.

Sooner or later, word gets out around food blog, news release, stories like this or even tangible word-of-mouth that you, a customer, are not firm to what’s printed on paper, that there is an whole sub-menu of dishes watchful to be unearthed and (secretly) enjoyed.

At M Burger, business have been in on a off-menu Barnyard Burger, Roman-Style, for a past 6 years.

You know what it means to drag a prohibited dog by a garden, though did we know we can take a burger by a barnyard?

It’s protein-heavy though not as unmanageable as it sounds: a griddled quarter-pound beef patty underneath a pile of piquant brownish-red sugar-glazed bacon, underneath a disguise of pointy American cheese, underneath a flattened duck breast, and sauce, pickles, chopped onions, sliced tomato and, for that matchless crunch, iceberg lettuce.

As for Roman-style? That means swapping out a bun for grilled cheese sandwiches, tip and bottom.

It would “definitely make a good late-night break after… a tiny bit of a late night,” pronounced M Burger cook and partner Tim Hockett.

Indeed, orders for a Barnyard Roman spike on a weekend, he said.

Grilled cheese sandwiches mount in for a bun on an M Burger “Roman-style.” [DNAinfo/Janet Rausa Fuller]

You can sequence any burger or sandwich Roman-style during M Burger. Credit for that goes to a visit patron during a strange 161 E. Huron St. plcae whose initial name is Roman.

Roman works during a Apple store circuitously and comes in on normal 4 days a week, according to Hockett. When a grill initial opened, he systematic a burger, though with a grilled cheese sandwich instead of a bun. Staff obliged. It became Roman’s customary sequence and shortly enough, his co-workers were entrance in seeking for a same thing.

That’s generally how a M Burger “secret” menu works. It’s a repository for customers’ quirks, staff favorites and other desirous ideas that need an audience. (Hint: You can entrance it online if we scroll over a M Burger website usually right.)

“We knew we wanted to keep a unchanging menu as tiny and parsimonious as probable so we could govern it good like a roadside burger stand,” Hockett said. “So anytime we have an thought for something new, we cocktail it on a tip menu.”

Sometimes, a tip object will acquire a permanent mark on a menu. The Hurt Burger, for example, that is surfaced with grill sauce, pepperjack cheese, pickles and onions, was too renouned not to supplement to a menu, Hockett said.

The Barnyard Burger satisfies customers’ requests for an M Burger (essentially a classical bacon cheeseburger) crossed with a duck sandwich. The duck is initial cooking in a housemade buttermilk plantation sauce that tenderizes and seasons it.

“When it hits a griddle, it caramelizes on there,” Hockett said.

The Barnyard Roman costs $9.54, incompatible tax. It’s not a heftiest burger on a menu. That eminence goes to a Noah’s Ark, that is dual of any beef covering — though if we sequence it Roman-style, we usually get dual grilled cheese sandwiches, not four.

M Burger cook Tim Hockett pronounced tip menu equipment infrequently connoisseur to a unchanging menu. [DNAinfo/Janet Rausa Fuller]

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