Grace-ing Oprah’s list

Remember Grace Connor, a Milton Academy senior-turned home-made-ice-cream-entrepreneur a Herald profiled in January? The 17-year-old’s small g ice cream has strike a large time — we’re articulate Oprah Winfrey here, people. The actress/host/publisher/you name it desired Connor’s scoopable deliciousness so most that she put it on her “O” list of favorite things in a Mar emanate of O, a Oprah Magazine.

To celebrate, a six-pint container of Oprah’s favorite small g flavors is accessible for a singular time on Oprah has good taste:

Hot Chocolate: chocolate ice cream with homemade marshmallow flint swirl.

Coffee Toffee Caramel: coffee ice cream with chocolate lonesome toffee chunks and pickled caramel swirl.

Snack Attack: vanilla ice cream with a caramelized reduction of pretzels, potato chips, and crackers, and MMs and peanut butter cups.

Triple Cookie Dough: Vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chip cookie mix chunks, double chocolate chip cookie mix chunks and sugarine cookie mix chunks.

Chocolate Milk and Cookies: chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie mix chunks and chocolate sandwich cookie pieces.

Coffee and Donuts: coffee ice cream with homemade cinnamon sugarine cake doughnut chunks.

You’re gonna go far, kid.

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