Google serves employees a genuine chronicle of Android’s burger emoji …

Today, a Google bureau in Seattle served a employees something called an “Android burger.” The pivotal disproportion between this burger and any other is that a cut of cheese is placed underneath a beef patty and atop a reduce bun. It looks accurately like Android’s burger emoji, that sparked exhilarated controversy progressing this week over a scold part sequence of America’s dear staple.

I see no reports of how a burger tastes and either it’s higher to, say, an Apple burger, though that cheese certain looks melty. That’s good. The bun, however, looks tough and unappealing. But I’m not a burger expert.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai formerly pronounced a association would residence a cheeseburger disturbance if a people of Twitter could come to a accord about a correct approach to ready a dish. we now think he was kidding.

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