Google has schooled a correct approach to make a cheeseburger in Android 8.1

Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised to demeanour into a good cheeseburger emoji debate, and he’s done good on his word. Apparently Android 8.1 ships with a new and softened cheeseburger emoji in that a cheese is placed atop a patty, as against to underneath it. Emojipedia first spotted a fix.

Google formerly graphic a cheese during a bottom of a sandwich, that we can all determine is incorrect. But it wasn’t until someone named Thomas Baekdal called a emoji out in Oct that a universe woke adult to this intensely improper cheeseburger depiction.

Although Google has now satisfied a correct approach to make a cheeseburger, a association did also emanate a emoji IRL. It served an “Android Burger” to employees progressing this month with a cheese melted onto a bottom bun. we don’t know how it tasted.

There are still some slight variations in emoji cheeseburgers. Samsung, for example, layers a sandwich as tomato, cheese, lettuce, and afterwards a patty, since Apple depicts a emoji as carrying tomato, cheese, patty, and afterwards lettuce. Google seems to be on a right lane here with a lettuce on top. This is proper. This is how we make a cheeseburger, and I’m anxious Google has learned.

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