Google Fixes Cheeseburger Emoji for Android 8.1 –

Ahh, that’s better.

Google has updated a hamburger emoji following Internet snub over a tech titan’s inverted sandwich.

Late final month, media researcher Thomas Baekdal forked out a long-time mistake: While Apple takes a normal proceed (tomato and cheese atop a patty), Google uses melted Muenster to pillow a beef during a base.

So gross was Google’s blunder that CEO Sundar Pichai stepped in, promising to “drop everything” to residence a cheeseburger issue.

Now I’d eat that (via Google/Emojipedia)

And interjection to his vigilance, a forthcoming Android 8.1 release will embody a some-more edible-looking emoji, with cheese layered on tip of a patty.

The hamburger emoji (also famous as “burger” and “cheeseburger”) was authorized as partial of Unicode 6.0 in 2010, and combined to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. Individual companies can confirm how they wish to describe any pictograph.

Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter get it right with their Five Guys approach: lettuce, tomato, cheese, and patty, sandwiched between dual buns. (Served with an contentment of pickled fries and a churned cream-topped milkshake.)

Everyone seems to have their possess take on a cheeseburger emoji; like snowflakes, no dual burger emoticons are a same.

Not all cheeseburgers are combined equal (via Emojipedia)

Samsung takes a page from Google’s misled playbook, fixation a cheese on tip of a lettuce and promulgation chills down a spine. The confidant HTC includes dual patties, permitting for best subdivision of cheese and lettuce (though a top-to-bottom-bun ratio is all sorts of off).

Ever send a cheeseburger emoji in WhatsApp? The perplexing picture includes what looks like mayonnaise and ketchup widespread over cheese, with a salad underneath a meat.

According to Emojipedia, that initial reported a change, other imminent emoji updates embody “beer” and “beers,” shortly to underline a full stein instead of a half-poured draught; as good as “cheese,” that corrects a bug that places a line by holes on a corner of a wedge.

(via Google/Emojipedia)

(via Google/Emojipedia)

(via Google/Emojipedia)

These adjustments are partial of a beta update, and, as Emojipedia forked out, might change before a open recover approaching after this year. But that’s unlikely.

Here’s to anticipating that this digital change also relates to Google’s kitchen, as well: The Seattle bureau recently served employees something called an “Android burger”—with a cut of cheese underneath a patty.

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