Google fixes cheeseburger emoji mistake pas

Grilled Burgers

Google gets it now: cheese goes on tip of a patty.

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Google sent a cheeseburger emoji behind to a kitchen and looks to have got a sequence right this time.

The new emoji, slated to be partial of Android 8.1, will have a cheese on tip of a patty, as we all know is a correct place. The new chronicle will reinstate Google’s strange chronicle of a cheeseburger emoji, that had a cheese sitting underneath a patty. 


Fixing a food mistake pas fulfills a guarantee done a month ago by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who tweeted in late Oct that he would “drop all else we are doing and residence on Monday” after a fouled adult sequence was forked out on Twitter.

The new chronicle initial seemed Monday in a developer preview 2 of Android 8.1.

Other food fixes will come to Google’s drink mop emoji, that formerly showed a frothy conduct during a tip of a half-empty glass, and a cheese crowd emoji, that showed an corner line using by holes in a cheese, according to Emojipedia.

Lettuce all pierce on now.

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