GOOD MORNING: Sandwiches are best done with ice cream

One of my favorite treats from my girl was Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.

When we initial saw a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich as a immature child, we was blown divided since my family had usually ever had a plain vanilla ice cream sandwiches. As most as we desired those ice cream treats, we couldn’t trust we could have all that integrity with a combined delight of strawberry and chocolate ice cream.

But when we initial attempted one, we was uncertain of where to start my appetizing tour by that honeyed sandwich. Should we start with a informed vanilla side and let expectation build as we worked my approach over to a chocolate, or should we only dive right into a sparkling finish and start with a chocolate?

(I’m certain there are people who sire both of those options and start in a center with a strawberry or had ice cream sandwiches that were laid out differently with a chocolate in a middle, though we can’t describe to those experiences.)

I could see a interest of both a options we had, though eventually motionless to start with a customary vanilla side. That approach we duped my ambience buds into meditative it was a normal ice cream sandwich, so when we got to a strawberry, that is my second favorite season of ice cream, my tongue was gay by a new taste. And afterwards only as we was removing used to that flavor, I’d get to a chocolate, that by that indicate had melted only adequate to make a provide warp ideally in my mouth.

For as most as we adore other flavors of ice cream, we have to acknowledge I’m unequivocally a chocoholic and adore a expectation building by a whole sandwich until we finally get to season a season during a end.

That’s because we like to keep ice cream sandwiches in my freezer year round, no matter a heat outside.

Happy birthday Friday to Mattie Calton and Bill Taylor, both of Denison; Pat Leveille, Rhonda Davis, James Calhoun Sr., Moriah Worthington, and Nita Myatt, all of Sherman; Linda Cherry of Rockwall; Ava Day of Pottsboro; Donna Watkins of San Antonio; Charles Wilks of Tom Bean; and Connie Culp of Howe.

Happy birthday Saturday to Ann Pierce, Kris Petruzelli, John Powell, and Rose Brownlow, all of Sherman; Koby Brownlow of Austin; and Vickie Gressett of Dorchester.

Happy anniversary Saturday to Don and Georgia Kunz of Sherman.

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