Good Burritos for a Toxic World

An annual tradition of this mainstay calls courtesy to a kind of eremite impulse that sacrament didn’t indispensably request. Suspecting that a means of these decisions were due to indigestion rather than inspiration, I’ve named them a Bad Burrito Awards.

Ken SatterfieldFor example, there’s Mike Demastus, priest of a Fort Des Moines Church of Christ in Iowa, who commissioned a bulletproof pulpit in his church with a discretionary captivating gun mountain — since WWJD (Where Would Jesus Duck)? (

There’s a billboard in St. Charles, Mo., with a design of a president, accompanied by a hymn “The word became flesh” and MAGA movement “Make a Gospel Great Again.” Should we proportion any politician with Jesus like that (

Or Bay View, Mich., a “heavens gated” village where until this summer usually practicing Christians were authorised to possess skill ( And a Arizona mom who attempted to arise her son adult for Easter services – with a jolt gun (

And only then, we was stopped in my marks when Oxford Dictionaries announced their 2018 Word of a Year: poisonous (

There unequivocally has been copiousness of certain news – really! So, in a mangle with tradition, let’s endowment some Good Burrito Awards for those stories that overwhelmed my heart:

A “Breakfast for Dads” eventuality during Dallas, Texas, center propagandize that sought 50 group to mount in for absent fathers, and scarcely 600 showed up. (

Mykehia Curry, a Georgia tyro who literally sent adult prayers to means supplies, by balloons, and a priest 15 miles divided that answered a ask (

Michael Curry, a Episcopal bishop priesthood on redemptive adore during a stately wedding, relocating millions of viewers (

A post-mortem endowment to Fred “Mister” Rogers, a Presbyterian apportion whose 2018 documentary reminded people of a energy of treating any other as neighbors (

The Lutheran church in Bemidji, Minn., that cared adequate about their Indian reservation neighbors to emanate a one-of-a-kind organ stop (

And finally, there’s Walter Carr, who walked 20 miles overnight to his initial day of work in Alabama when his automobile pennyless down and was given a association owner’s personal car. (

It’s only a sign – a poisonous universe is no compare for a energy of a Good Burrito.

Ken Satterfield is a former media dilettante and stream selling executive for WordWay. He welcomes your product suggestions. By a way, inclusion in this essay does not consecrate an endorsement. 

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