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If there’s one thing that screams tasty Americana tradition, it is a dear Girl Scout Cookie. With some-more than 100 years of honeyed history, a palatable treats were initial sole in 1917 as a use plan in a high propagandize cafeteria. Starting with a famous shortbread sugarine cookie, a Girl Scouts have offering a operation of delights over a years, and now have 12 varieties for any ambience bud, including vegan and gluten-free varieties.

While Girl Scout cookies might not be accessible year round, cocktails that give us that deteriorate are. PACIFIC teamed adult with 5 of San Diego’s tip barkeeper mixologists to emanate cocktails formed on their favorite Girl Scout cookie for anytime enjoyment.

Try blending these adult during home for parties, film nights and sentimental evenings with friends. And pairing them with any of a tangible cookies? Even better.

Christian Siglin, Cutwater Spirits

Inspiration cookie: Samoa/Caramel Delight

“I chose a Samoa since it has all of my favorite mixture — coconut, caramel and dim chocolate.  What we adore about this cookie is all of a mixture are benefaction though nothing of them repress a other and they all element any other really well. 

“So, in determining to make a cocktail formed on this cookie, we wanted to do a same thing and move some identical flavors together to element any other and have a good cocktail that would not usually be identical to a Samoa, though would be a good pairing with it too.”

2 oz. Black Skimmer Bourbon

.75 oz. Averna Amaro

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