Girl Scout cookies: from best to worst

Two cookies built on tip of one another, a bottom blank a bite-sized piece.
Thin Mints, one of a best-selling Girl Scout cookies. Image pleasantness of Amy Elise around Flickr

‘Tis a deteriorate once again: a deteriorate for Girl Scout Cookies.

Each year around this time, a Girl Scouts of America launch into their famous fundraiser of offering cookies, and as if that weren’t enough, some 10-year-old talent had a shining thought of offering cookies on campus.

There are lots of choices to select from, so either you’ve got a munchies or usually a critical honeyed tooth, here is your beam for what cookies we should chuck all of your income divided on:

11) Savannah Smiles

I’m not a outrageous fan of lemon or Southern charm, so I’m not so prejudiced to this one. Not to mention, a powdered sugarine always creates a mess. If you’re a 90-year-old that enjoys eating lemon and creation a mess, these are for you–otherwise, drive clear.

10) Lemonades

Yet another lemon flavored cookie, though during slightest this one is reduction of a mess. They unequivocally should have consulted Beyonce on a whole “turning-lemons-to-lemonade” thing.

9) Trios

They’re gluten-free.

8) Do-Si-Do

As a peanut butter fanatic, it creates me unhappy to see this one so low on a list, though when a foe is this stiff, we have no choice. However, a oatmeal cookies are a small too most when total with a fake, sweetened peanut butter slapped between them.

7) Tagalongs

Once again, we strike a peanut butter problem–it’s usually not that good. And have we ever attempted eating one of these puppies while they’re melting? Spoiler alert: it’s a disaster.

6) Girl Scout S’mores

Now, this cookie usually creates sense. Chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers make for utterly a treat–if you’re unequivocally looking for something sweet. They can be a bit most during times, though we wouldn’t spin one down if it was offering to me.

5) Trefoils

Okay, we done a fun about how aged we have to be to suffer a lemon wedges, so we wouldn’t censure someone for not holding this choice seriously, though these are some good cookies. Not too sweet, not a mess, and not done with cheap-o peanut butter. we consider that’s what we call a win-win-win.

4) Thanks-A-Lot

How do we make a shortbread cookie better? Dip it in chocolate.

Top 3= Toffee-Tastic, Samoas, Thin Mints

3) Toffee-Tastic

Now we’re removing down to a nitty gritty! These bad boys are usually too buttery to resist. Flavored with toffee–yet another break for an aged soul–these competence usually be holding cookies to a subsequent level.

2) Samoas

You’re not going to like these if we don’t like coconut, though I’m flattering certain that creates we inhuman. Not usually are they visually appealing and delicious, though they’re unequivocally a usually cookie that incorporates another enlightenment into their recipe. That’s a real win-win-win.

1) Thin Mints

You had to see this one coming. we can’t consider of anything improved than opening adult my freezer and satirical into their crispy, chocolatey goodness. And we once watch Aaron Carter tumble off a theatre during a concert, so that’s observant something.

I know, we know, some of a choices above competence have been a bit reduction required than expected. If we truly feel passionate, feel giveaway to during me, my Twitter hoop is below.

Hopefully, we find this list helpful, as will your ambience buds. A list of cookies and their central descriptions can be found during Happy hunting, my hungry, inspired hippos.

Collegian Reporter Nate Day can be reached during or on Twitter @NateMDay

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