Gabrielle Union talks entertaining, National Margarita Day and ‘reading a comments’

Gabrielle Union Gives a Scoop on Her Personal Style

Gabrielle Union knows how to have a good time.

The “Being Mary Jane” thespian stopped by AOL this week to applaud her “favorite holiday,” National Margarita Day, and gave us discernment into her “Margarita Moments”: Whether she’s examination one of her father Dwyane Wade’s basketball games or examination a play reveal on “Scandal,” Union never misses an event to sip on her go-to cocktail.

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Over a integrate of Lime-A-Ritas, we talked to a bombshell about how she likes to entertain, what she did for a Super Bowl and because those annoying Internet trolls are totally unavoidable.

Check out a full review with Gabrielle Union below:

It’s 5 o’ time somewhere! Celebrating #NationalMargaritaDay with Gabrielle Union during AOL HQ today! #MargaReady Cc: @gabunion @lime_a_rita

A print posted by AOL (@aol) on Feb 22, 2016 during 8:26am PST

Today is my favorite holiday- it’s #NationalMargaritaDay and I’ll be celebrating with @Lime_a_rita !

A print posted by Gabrielle Union (@gabunion) on Feb 22, 2016 during 8:22am PST

First of all, we have to know: What did we do for a Super Bowl?

This was a initial year we indeed non-stop it up. Usually it’s usually a crew, yet about a week before a game, we finished adult assembly these unequivocally good people. We had a thespian Alice Smith and her father over. we was like, “I don’t know what they like to drink, yet this is what we’re doing during Casa Union-Wade.”

It’s all about cultivating a right multiple of food, drinks and people and putting all a mixture together to emanate a ideal vibe. It doesn’t have to be, we know, caviar and valet; it’s usually about a good freaking time. That’s how we like to entertain!

What kind of food did we serve?

We went essence food that day. BBQ, corn bread, collared greens and prohibited links. we don’t like imagination buns, either. Like, give me Wonder Bread and Sweet Jimmy’s BBQ salsa and I’m set.

Did we prepare or was it catered?

Nobody wanted to cook! All of my friends have jobs and kids. So, a usually stop we done was to go collect adult a fun.

See some-more photos of Gabrielle Union and her father Dwayne Wade:

What do we adore so many about Lima-A-Ritas?

What’s cold about them is that it’s one of those cocktails where it turns around a unchanging aged day where you’re doubt your existence. When we have a Lime-A-Rita and moment it open, we spin it up; You spin an typical Monday into something a small bit some-more extraordinary!

Talk to us a small bit about your partnership with Lima-A-Rita — what about it felt like a good fit for you?

I’m honestly a fan of a product! It was an easy ask, and we jumped during a opportunity. It’s something that we have in a home that’s ideal for Super Bowl parties, examination a diversion and examination “Scandal.” It’s a great, fun, easy drink, and we have a lot of fun with it.

Tell us about some of your “Margarita Moments.”

I have many! Obviously examination “Scandal.” we adore to tell while we watch it, yet some of those moments need a drink! But also during games, examination Heat basketball or Cornhusker football. Anytime that we have friends and family together, of course, and also infrequently when I’m reading amicable media comments.

Do we do that often? Doesn’t everybody contend not to review a comments?!

You know what happens? The initial 4 comments are automatically on your page, so even if a other 500 comments are positive, those tip 4 are always going to be negative, and that’s what we go to nap meditative about.

Have we gotten used to it?

No. we consider a second we get used to it, you’ve mislaid it; you’ve crossed over, and you’re strictly off your rocker. Anytime anyone says anything to we — either it be a enrich or something disastrous — we consider we kind of stop being tellurian if we aren’t influenced by it.

So would it be protected to assume that we don’t Google yourself?

God, no! But a kids do. They’ll come adult with a many pointless stuff, and I’m like, “Where did we come adult with that?” and they’ll be like, “The Internet!” But we tell them, we know, “Everything that’s on a internet is not indispensably true.”

What’s a craziest thing you’ve review about yourself?

This week? That I’m pregnant. They like to give me babies each other week. That, or I’m svelte or have a nose job. But it’s like, “Honey, if I’m profitable for all of this, we wouldn’t be contouring!” [Laughs]

It’s a things that they could get me on that they totally miss, though, like my Spanx starting to hurl in a design or something. They never locate things like that.

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