Frontera Grill puts the spin on Mexican staples

The template for Americanized Mexican restaurants seems mostly a same opposite a U.S.

From a South to a Midwest to Southern New England, I’ve found a decor, dishes and flavors mostly mirroring one another.

Like a arise of quick food, that unity breeds a certain volume of comfort and familiarity.

It also creates a restaurants that wandering from that normal in a certain proceed unequivocally mount out.

I consider immediately of a taqueria in a behind of a building in Versailles, Kentucky that also housed an Ace Hardware. The menu was bone elementary and authentic. They done a best tacos I’ve ever eaten. we desired a bowls of cilantro, onion and salsa they brought so we could attach your taco as we preferred.

I also consider about a Pink Taco, a Las Vegas grill that puts a turn on Mexican food underneath a shade of a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s iconic guitar.

Frontera Grill in Fairhaven falls into a latter category, blending some startling mixture and blending new flavors into normal dishes.

It was an icy Friday night when Barbara and we arrived during a grill and were fast led to a counter nearby a front of a room.

Frontera’s depart from a Mexican-American grill normal was clear from a start. There were copiousness of splendid colors via a decor, and a unprotected section and timber accents gives a mark a truly upscale feel.

We were seated next some good pieces of blown potion artwork, though a chill from outward hung in a room, gripping a sourroundings — literally — from feeling comfortable and welcoming.

We were fast brought a vast basket of crispy tortilla chips and a integrate bowls of abounding red salsa. Our server, Francisco arrived shortly after to take a splash orders and forsaken off a span of vast menus.

He sole Barbara on a special Hotel California Margarita ($9), so named since it uses Hotel California code anejo tequila.

I was happy to see a good preference of Mexican beers on daub and systematic a Negra Modelo ($5).

The margarita was glorious — spicy and orange brazen with a good tequila punch and a Hotel California was not harsh.

As we perused a menu, a guacamole transport arrived charity tableside service. I’ve found a tableside guacamole is mostly surprisingly expensive…in this box $6 for a tiny apportionment (which incited out to be some-more than adequate for dual people). But a ambience disproportion between a uninformed tableside guac and what is served as a side with some dishes has zodiacally been night and day.

We motionless to splurge on a tableside and a finish outcome was flattering perfect. Plenty of orange and cilantro gave it a good uninformed season and a onion supposing a ideal bite. The avocado was ideally ripe. we favourite that we were offering chips with a punch before a server left in box we wanted some-more salt or feverishness or other adjustment.

Francisco returned and we asked for a integrate waters (we asked for a integrate waters a few times before they arrived, in truth), and we motionless to try a raja taquitos, ($7.95) that a online menu confusingly lists as flour corn (is that a thing?) tortillas pressed with roasted poblano peppers, onions and crispy potatoes sauteed in a Parmesan cream salsa surfaced with pico de gallo and served with cabbage.

What arrived gimlet probably no similarity to a outline on a menu.

As distant as we could tell a corn tortilla was filled with crushed potatoes and afterwards low boiled with a sour cream salsa drizzled over a top.

If there were poblano peppers in there, they were blended into a potatoes, that were positively not crispy. The onion was accessible on tip with a pico de gallo.

The season itself wasn’t bad. It gimlet a particular deep-fried season a chimichanga has. But a tacos were flattering greasy out of a fryer. And we couldn’t unequivocally come to grips with how distant a plate was from a “roasted poblano peppers, onions and crispy potatoes sauteed in a Parmesan cream sauce.”

With that underneath a belts, we changed on to a incomparable menu.

The seafood options simulate Frontera’s alloy turn philosophy. Take for instance a pescado veracruzano ($14.95), that featured grilled blackened tilapia fish surfaced with roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, immature olives and capers salsa, served with sauteed vegetables and rice. There is also a camarones criminal tocino ($16.95), vast bacon-wrapped shrimp served over grilled onions, fungus and immature peppers with a cilantro orange dip.

Barbara deliberate tempura fish tacos ($12.45), dual vast flour tortillas filled with tilapia boiled in a Dos Equis drink beat and drizzled with a dill cream sauce. As we were still reckoning out Frontera’s non-traditional approach, we consider a dill threw her and she played it protected with an sequence of shrimp fajitas.

I deliberate a expresso burrito ($11.45), described as pig carnitas, rice, beans and cheeses wrapped in a flour tortilla, smothered enchilada character and surfaced with guacamole, tomatoes, onions and Cotija cheese.

But when a menu says “world best tacos,” how can we not sequence them? They’re a universe best! We both replaced black beans for a refried beans with a sides of rice.

Barbara’s fajitas arrived on a informed expel iron skillet, though they weren’t sizzling, like we mostly see in Mexican restaurants. That was a red dwindle for me, though she pronounced they were still bubbling hot.

What wasn’t bubbling prohibited was a sides on both a plates. The rice and beans were lukewarm during best, and with a chill in a room, were fast usually plain cold. we usually had a few bites, adequate to notice a rice was some-more on a side of plain rice than deeply seasoned Mexican rice.

I consider that reflected Frontera’s altogether approach. Both a fajita and beef in my tacos were well-cooked and tasty, though conjunction had a lot of Mexican spices. That proceed unequivocally comes down to a matter of taste. We spiced things adult with some prohibited peppers salsa Francisco brought and a play of uninformed sliced jalapenos we ordered.

My World Best Tacos ($13.45), were incomparable than tacos you’ll find during many restaurants, and simply filled me adult even though carrying most of a rice and beans.

The tacos are listed as corn tortillas, melted Monterey Jack cheese, cabbage, caramelized onions and excellent dress beef surfaced with mango salsa and Cotija cheese.

The beef was proposal and flavorful. There were no caramelized onions apparent, though we did notice some preserved red onions sprinkled in. The mango salsa was honeyed and combined a good flavor. we was longing a small additional piquancy and heat, though a tacos were really good beef tacos.

We upheld adult a dessert options, a list distant longer than normal Mexican restaurants. Fewer chips and tableside guac and we competence have attempted a New York cheesecake chimichanga or a tres leches cake.

Our check came to usually over $50 though a drinks.

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