Frangela Debut Album RESIST! Out 10/19, Stream Unreleased Track

Comedy twin Frangela announce a recover of their entrance comedy manuscript RESIST! out Oct 19 on Kill Rock Stars. Recorded in front of an reasonably rough audience, Frangela offer adult a fast-paced, wickedly humorous spin by a benefaction day agonies, from politics to toga parties,Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are dismissed adult and they wish we to be too! RESIST! is an manuscript that’s forked and waggish in equal measure.

Frangela is all that domestic comedy should be in 2018: dual women vocalization law to power, stoking a abandon of resistance, bringing together likeminded people for a common cause, wondering because in a ruin immature bean stew is a thing…RESIST! is also a kind of moving request that will assistance receptive people keep fighting a good quarrel opposite bad policies and worse policymakers.

Unreleased RESIST! manuscript lane “Toga Parties”



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Frances and Angela creatively assimilated army on a theatre of a Second City Theatre in Chicago, anticipating a consanguine suggestion and a kind of incontrovertible chemistry that usually a best of friends can create. Since then, a twin has been a unchanging tie on radio and radio, popping adult to offer their smart and sardonic explanation about a cocktail enlightenment and domestic stories of a day. They’ve worked alone too, to good acclaim, though it is when Frances and Angela get together that a sparks unequivocally start flying.

Currently, Frangela can be seen in a new TV uncover “Me Time with Frangela” and behaving live on Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Tour. They also have a weekly podcast called “The Final Word” and are regulars on Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal radio show.

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