FOX43 Finds Out: Can ice cream be healthy?

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa — Take a travel down a ice cream aisle of your grocery store and you’ll see a ton of flavors and options when it comes to a dessert.

What’s trending now is ice that is low in calories and high in protein.

We had some business during this Weis Markets in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County ambience a accumulation of low calorie ice cream and a normal full fat ice cream to see if they can tell a difference.

The customers  took partial in a blind ambience exam of 3 chocolate options.

Number 1 was Breyer’s Delights, that for a whole pint is 270 calories and 21 grams of protein.

Number 2 was Weis’ reward chocolate ice cream, where one apportionment is half a crater – or a small some-more than a dip – for 140 calories and 2 grams of protein.

Then Number 3 was Halo Top Chocolate Ice cream, that is 280 calories and 24 grams of protein – for this whole pint.

And out of all a people we asked, usually one chairman rightly guessed that season was a normal ice cream!

Which means, people indeed do like a season of these reduce calorie options.

We asked Weis Dietian Erin Dunleavy if this reduce calorie choice is a improved choice.

She said, “You unequivocally wish to spin that product around and not usually demeanour during a nourishment facts, yet puncture into a mixture and see – what are they unequivocally adding to these dishes and because does it seem healthier.”

Within a initial few mixture of both a Halo Top ice cream , you’ll find erythritol that is a sugarine alcohol.

“Sugar alcohols, if we eat them in excess, they`re famous to means stomach issues like bloating, gas and so forth. They`re also famous to have an after taste,” pronounced Dunleavy.

Other low calories ice creams have identical sugarine substitutes.

What these reduce calorie options are blank yet is fat.

Dunleavy says fat is gratifying and can make we feel full.

If we can control yourself to a small of a genuine stuff, we competence get what your honeyed tooth needs.

Instead of eating a whole pint of a so called healthy things and still wanting more.

The dietitian said, “Go with a genuine ice cream and learn yourself apportionment control.”

So what is a apportionment distance of genuine ice cream? About 1/2 a cup, that is about a distance of a tennis round or one dip of ice cream.

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