Foster’s Homemade Ice Cream season reviews, photos: Best Ice Cream competition (poll)

WILLOUGHBY HILLS, Ohio — Foster’s Homemade Ice Cream has been handling as an ice cream emporium given 1947, and in that time not a whole lot has changed, inside or outside. 

That clarity of coherence is a large partial of Foster’s old-school charm. When owners Jeff Knuth bought a ice cream emporium from a prior owners 15 years ago, he bought a recipes for a ice cream along with a building. He even insists on regulating a same vendors for mixture that a prior owners did.’s “Best of” group visited Foster’s on Thursday as partial of a Best Ice Cream contest. Foster’s is in a regulating for the best ice cream in a East Region, adult opposite Dairy King in South Euclid and Cibik’s Dairy Island in Chagrin Falls. The leader of this turn will allege to a final turn of voting, that will establish a leader for a altogether Best Ice Cream in Greater Cleveland for 2016. 

Hurry, voting in a informal finals ends Friday during noon.

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Name of shop: Foster’s Homemade Ice Cream.

Address: 30551 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills.

Phone: 440-944-9210.


Owner: Jeff Knuth. 

When did it open? Foster’s initial non-stop in 1947, creatively it was called G and L Custard. They altered a name as time went on, and Knuth bought it 15 years ago when it was time for a prior owner, Mrs. Foster, to retire. 

The store is open any year from Apr by October, after that Knuth heads down to Florida for a winter. 

How many flavors of ice cream are on a menu? There are always 25 flavors available, and a strawberry sorbet, red hiss sherbet, and a fat-free no-sugar-added option, and a integrate of yogurts flavors, entrance to a sum of 30 selections. 

Most renouned flavors:  The many renouned deteriorate is a Butter Pecan, followed by a Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 

Other tip sellers: One of a shop’s best sellers are called Scott Bars. “Mrs. Foster’s son is named Scott so she named them after him so we kept a name. They are chocolate chip cookies with vanilla or chocolate ice cream on a inside. The emporium goes by thousands any season,” Knuth said. 

The emporium also sells solidified bananas and Turtle Pies (French Vanilla ice cream, prohibited fudge, butterscotch and pecans) that are both popular.  The menu hasn’t altered many over a years and doesn’t follow trends or fads, Knuth said. 

Taste exam review

At any emporium we tasted a chocolate ice cream, as good as deteriorate or ice cream menu selections done by a ice cream shop, contributor Brenda Cain and contributor Ida Lieszkovszky.

Chocolate ice cream: The chocolate ice cream during Foster’s was sweeter than many other chocolate ice creams we’d tasted, and had an impossibly well-spoken texture. 

Shop’s selection: Knuth gave us a representation of his maple bulb ice cream, that tastes like tumble in a cone. The walnut pieces are small, that means that instead of one hulk walnut holding over, we get tiny pieces of walnut in any bite. 

Cain’s selection: Cain opted for a peanut butter chocolate ice cream, that is a favorite of employees. The peanut butter was abounding and thick, so a eccentric deteriorate came by clever amidst a honeyed and tawny chocolate ice cream. 

Lieszkovszky’s selection: Lieszkovszky went for a Irish coffee ice cream, that had a amiable coffee deteriorate that wasn’t overpowering, with usually a spirit of Irish cream in it. The ice cream was pleasing and not too clever in a flavors. 

Prices: Prices operation from $3.15 for a tiny to $5.40 for a double, and $6.70 for a triple. The emporium usually accepts cash.

Any special flavors? There are anniversary flavors, like blue moon in a summer and rum raisin in a fall. Pumpkin pecan is another tumble deteriorate a emporium serves. 

What’s your many singular flavor? The chocolate chip cookie mix is one of their many singular flavors since they make their possess cookie mix for a ice cream, and a emporium goes by roughly 10,000 cookies any season. The outcome tastes some-more like a badge of chocolate chip cookie via a ice cream than chunks of mix here and there. 

How do we come adult with your deteriorate combinations? The accurate deteriorate combinations Knuth uses have been around for 50-some years. His truth is we should be means to “describe your ice cream with dual or during many 3 words.” 

“Some of these ice cream places come adult with flavors like Garlic Peanut Butter since their (ice cream) bases aren’t good,” he said. “We don’t do many new, we don’t follow trends.”

Average series of people we offer any week? Sunday is a busiest day for a shop, and during a bustling duration they’ll offer some-more than 230 people in 90 minutes. 

What creates your ice cream unique? The recipes are 69 years aged and a emporium has been doing things a accurate same approach for decades, regulating a same recipes and a same suppliers for ingredients. 

How many pints of ice cream do we offer in an normal week? The emporium goes by hundreds of gallons of ice cream in a week, and they also sell pints, quarts, and even buckets of ice cream for weddings or other private events.  

What desirous we to start creation ice cream? Business opportunity. Knuth was looking for a anniversary business so he could spend those prolonged Cleveland winters in balmy Florida. 

“I had too many ties to pierce to Florida permanently, we was approach too immature to consider about retiring,” so he bought a ice cream emporium instead, he told

Fun fact: The emporium also creates soothing serve. The emporium puts a singular turn on soothing offer by feeding a tough ice cream regulation by a soothing offer machine, that means a soothing offer tastes a same as a tough ice cream, though it comes out with a softer consistency. Some people direct to usually eat a soothing offer since they like how buttery a coherence is.

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