Former Burlington Coach Bono to lead Cushing Girls’ Hockey

A colonize in women’s hockey and a business community, Woburn local Valerie Bono is headed behind this winter to her high propagandize alma mater, Cushing Academy, as a Head Coach of a varsity girls ice hockey team.

Bono was allocated in April, and will reinstate Courtney Sheary, who stepped down during a finish of final season.

“Simply put, in bringing Valerie Bono behind to Cushing Academy, we have combined a good educator, coach, alumna, and chairman to a propagandize village and ice hockey program,” wrote Cushing headmaster Christopher Torino and Director of Athletics Bill Troy, in a corner matter that announced Bono’s hiring.

“She is really vehement to start work with a hockey players and families. So that she can demonstrate her fad in her possess difference and so that she can start to build clever Cushing relations to a advantage of everyone, Coach Bono will shortly strech out to families and players,” combined a Cushing officials.

Bono graduated in 1997 from Cushing Academy, that is located in Ashburnham, in a north-central partial of a state. Founded in 1865, a propagandize enrolls 400 students, many of whom are boarders, from 28 states and 31 countries. Cushing offers 23 varsity sports, including a rival girls’ ice hockey module of that Bono is now in charge.

As a tyro during Cushing, Bono captained a ice hockey, soccer and softball teams, and warranted a prestigious Bette Davis Award for not usually her jaunty endeavors though also for her jaunty and amicable accomplishments as Student Body President and a proctor.

When Bono was a player, a girls’ ice hockey module during Cushing was led by Woburn local Paul Kennedy, father of Olympic medalist Courtney Kennedy. At a time, girls’ and women’s hockey were still in a infirm era, and many open schools did not offer women’s hockey as a varsity sport.

Bono went on to play Div. 1 ice hockey during Providence College, where she majored in management. She was a 4-year starter, earning awards for tip defenseman in her discussion and Most Improved Player, and led a Friars in game-winning and energy play goals.

After college, she became concerned with USA Hockey as a player, and warranted a Level 5 Master Coaching Certificate. That led her to Burlington High, where she coached a Red Devils’ girls’ hockey module from 2001-11. She also was concerned in coaching bar teams, including portion as an partner manager for for a Wizards Elite U14-1 girls’ hockey group out of Bedford; and during a 2010-12 seasons she served as a conduct manager of a Boston Shamrocks Elite U14-1 girls’ hockey group out of Wilmington.

Bono has also been rarely successful in a business realm, now portion as Vice-President of Sales Marketing during a Golden Cannoli Shells Co., a family-owned business formed in Everett. She is a second era owners of a business, that was founded 40 years ago, by her father, Francesco Bono, and Angelo Bresciani.

Golden Cannoli produces thousands of hand-rolled cannoli per day, that are distributed via a country. The Bakery Network admitted Golden Cannoli’s product “the best cannoli shells on a planet.”

According to a company’s website: “A cannoli is a singular and tasty Italian fritter believed to have originated in Sicily around a initial century A.D. It is a “tube-like” dessert that consists of a crispy boiled fritter bombard filled with cannoli cream (made from honeyed ricotta cheese). The cannoli bombard is typically done from flour, sugar, eggs, vinegar, salt, vanilla, and water.

“Although a shells are traditionally filled with a accumulation of honeyed and abounding ricotta cheese recipes, many bakeries also fill them with yellow or chocolate custard. Each bakery, grill and coffee emporium has a possess recipe that gives a cannoli a singular taste. Many ice cream shops have also filled a shells with ice cream, adding an American turn to a normal Italian dessert.”

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