‘Forage’ for healthy food

BENGALURU : If we wish to squeeze a healthy plate after a examination event during a gym or to keep adult with that diet, conduct to Forage in Indiranagar. The restaurant, that has a comfy and cosy atmosphere in a midst of a bustling streets of Sixth Main Road, serves food during a freshest. What impresses us is a staff’s in-depth believe on a mixture and their sources. The four-course menu starts with salads, followed by Tapas, (savoury dishes) Something Hearty, as they call it, and dessert, of course. The food is light on a stomach though satiating. The menu has lot of options for a vegetarian. 

If we like salads, do try Beet and Orange Salad, that has a good multiple of flavours and textures – sourness of a greens, citrus from a oranges, benevolence of a sauce and crunchiness of walnuts. The mutation is what lingers on. Garnished with pomegranate and packet leaves, a Aubergine Crostini has a charred and somewhat small sour ambience , with a shade of garlic. The Sourdough Bread has an enticing, sour flavour, and is pronounced to have been fermented regulating naturally-occurring lactobacili and yeast. 

The Soupy Lamb, a oats dish, has cubed shoulder of lamb and spinach. The beef is soothing with proposal flavours, with a clever pepper-y flavour. The spinach is a good appendage to a dish, along with a uninformed herbs. The Jalapeno Mushroom Pasta is a good main, with that accepted worldly essence of mushrooms and spiciness of jalapeno, surfaced with parmesan and lime.     

The Green Bottle Spaghetti has pasta done from bottlegourd, with honeyed red peppers, counterfeit black peppers and shaved parmesan. The amiable flavours element a vinegar and cheese, a plate is surfaced off with. 
For desserts, try a Chocolate Torte or Pannacotta. Being chocolate lovers, we desired a torte, that has dejected almonds and is prepared with olive oil, genuine cacao and tender shaft sugar, surfaced with pieces of orange. The sourness of a cocoa is offset by a benevolence of coconut milk. The Pannacotta is done regulating basil, honey, coconut divert and lemon. The coherence is spot-on, with milky, floral and eccentric flavours.  Cost for two: `1,500

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