Food review: Zizzi, Stafford Riverside, Stafford

It’s always sparkling to try out a new grill for a initial time and even improved when it’s a cosy cooking for two.

On a revisit to MS in Stafford for a Dine in for Two Friday night provide we speckled Zizzi was opening conflicting a store in a new Riverside complex.

I was fervent to revisit as many moons ago they had an extraordinary plate on a menu, Pasta Genovese with immature beans and pesto (if we remember correctly) – and any so mostly we would slobber during a memory of eating it. We’ll get behind to this later.

Taste of Italy – Zizzi in Stafford

The opening date was hidden in poser and we watched patiently as notices about recruiting staff seemed on a windows and a dining space gradually took figure behind a outrageous potion windows.

It non-stop a integrate of weeks before Christmas (good marketing) on a day where thick sleet blanketed a land like a cosy, comfortable duvet (not ideal). We’d requisitioned a list for that unequivocally dusk and enjoyed a regretful snowflake lonesome tour to eat out. It was utterly bustling deliberation a conditions, not everybody is deterred by this kind of weather.

We were welcomed tenderly from a cold and shown to a list upstairs that was some-more of a passageway turn unaware a dining area downstairs. It was toasty comfortable and there was a frolicsome hum in a air. It gave us a event to gawk down subsequent and check out a furnishings that were beautiful and retroesque in their styling. The lights were splendid yet didn’t seem immeasurable adequate to fill adult a immeasurable roof space. It was an insinuate list definition we could gawk into any other’s eyes yet putting off a other diners. Perfect for a ‘date night’ and luckily there was a candle flickering on a list to adult a turn of romance. The ambience of Italy also binds a special place in a hearts as it was a stage of a rather regretful proposal.

Room with a perspective – inside is bright, light and ethereal with a retro-style ambience


The menu was immeasurable with copiousness of nibbles, starters and mains to select from including pasta, pizza, risotto, along with baked dishes too. we scoured a dishes yet alas, Pasta Genovese was a thing of a past and no longer featured on this some-more complicated menu. Sigh.

I was penetrating to try something new and to have a some-more engaging starter than only garlic bread. It’s a tack in a domicile with many dishes and opens adult a discuss as to either slices, baguette, pizza character or mix balls are a best form. we go for mix balls he prefers slices.

Anyway on this arise we motionless on a arancini – risotto balls with mozzarella, peas and a breadcrumb cloaking served with a red peppers tapenade drop – and bullied him into grouping a ‘little soul’ bread that are gummy puffs baked with garlic and smoked sea salt they come with dual hummus-style dips too.

Three’s a sorcery series – a arancicni balls served with a red peppers tapenade dipPictures by John Sambrooks


A bottle of red booze was also on a agenda, ideal for a cold night outside. We went for a Nero D’avola, Sicilia, that was a discount for grill booze during £14.95 and it tasted flattering smooth. The waitress was bubbly, respectful and useful and while it was transparent that a staff were still anticipating their feet, all seemed to be using like clockwork.

The starters arrived in only a right volume of time and we motionless to share them so we could representation both. The small essence bread was lovely, light and feathery with a beautiful golden crispy crust. we would have elite a reduction gelatinous dip, something a bit some-more glass would have been nice, even only olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The other half utterly favourite them nonetheless we got a feeling he would have elite to go with a some-more normal garlic bread.

The arancini balls were a small bit unsatisfactory for me during least. He utterly favourite them yet this was his initial time so he had no comparison. I, however, have sampled a few in my time and these weren’t a best. The breadcrumbs were great: excellent and crispy with a good break yet inside, instead of being a slimey malleable sky was rather too gummy and stranded to a roof of my mouth.

Shroom for some-more – a porcini giganti tortelloni

One of a reasons I’d picked them was a discuss of peas yet we couldn’t unequivocally ambience any so that was a bit of a blow. The tepenade was full-bodied, honeyed and unequivocally tasty, ideal with a tainted cheese flavour. we did eat them all yet they weren’t a best I’ve ever tasted.

The mains were on their approach and once dishes were privileged and booze surfaced adult and gibberish resumed they arrived piping prohibited and decent sized portions too.

He’d left for an Italian classical lasagne and I’d motionless on something opposite a porcini giganti – hulk tortelloni pockets filled with ricotta and porcini mushrooms in a tawny furious fungus salsa with baby spinach, crispy virtuoso and riserva cheese.

Traditional ambience – a lasagne plate

He was gay as a lasagne was creamy, tomatoey with an blast of spices and seasoned beef in any mouthful. There was copiousness of mmm-ing from his side of a table. Once again we had systematic badly on this evening.

The pasta was a bit too complicated going. The stuffing a small dry as if it had been overcooked. It was unequivocally mushroomy that captivated any essence of spinach or ricotta that was a contrition as they were my favourite elements (again that is some-more about personal preference).

We’d also left for a side of herby potatoes that were beautiful a good amouth of oil and spices and ideally baked feathery spud. we didn’t have too many as we was carbed out from all a ever-so-slightly claggy pasta pillows.

We didn’t sequence dessert, no room after all of that so requested a check instead. There were some tantalizing choices yet including a chocolate and banana calzone: a sweet, comfortable mix filled with banana, chocolate salsa and mascarpone cream, with vanilla gelato and pickled caramel sauce. And a gummy chocolate and praline torte: a dairy-free chocolate torte with a date, hazelnut and walnut base. Served with coconut and chocolate sputter gelato. Yum! We’ll some room for that subsequent time.

Sweet somethings – zingy citrus torte

Unfortunately we were left sat with a plates right adult until a finish that wasn’t good yet as it was opening night these are things we could overlook. Perhaps a cook was still training a dishes and a waitresses still training a ropes. But a ambience and use with a grin some-more than done adult for any disastrous points. We will positively return, I’m all about giving people and places a advantage of a doubt and prior visits to other Zizzi bondage have always left down as a good success.

We walked off a dish with trek home by a sleet and I’m anticipating for second time luckier for my meal!

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