FOOD REVIEW: The Golden Burrito

OKLAHOMA CITY — As we bit low and lovingly into that creatively done chicharrón en salsa verde burrito, something spiritually poignant came over me and we couldn’t assistance though mangle out into song…

I roughly suspicion that lunch would be…nothing though a catastrophe…but a left spin down Portland has proven to be good fitness for me…‘cause I’ve found Golden Burrito! we have a golden possibility to eat some-more than one!

I embellish, of course, though a famous Wonka-inspired paper to fun did cranky my mind while enjoying a open foodstuffs that a Golden Burrito, 1415 N. Portland Ave., charity on their menu which, natch, was especially burritos and some-more burritos, all delicately plotted and designed and many importantly, polished for open consumption.

Located in an area that is apparently meagre with Mexican eateries, with a celebratory lighting and gratifying décor, a Golden Burrito seems like it would be a many ideal claimant for Friday night inexpensive dates and family cooking in that neighborhood. Sadly, a inside was even emptier than my estómago with usually a consistent hum of a radio tuned gently to Univision, a hardly heard discourse of a telenovela, in a scary background.

The menu charity about 14 or 15 opposite burritos to select from, featuring concoctions trimming from red pig and cactus with rice to brisket and cheese in immature salsa with a small bit of all in between, all automatic with a specialized aptitude that could take a self-anointed burrito connoisseur’s heart right away, myself sensibly included.

After many salivating and internalized debate, we staid on a aforementioned chicharrón en salsa verde (porkskin in immature sauce) burrito, as good as a chile rellenos de queso criminal frijoles (cheese-stuffed chile with beans) only for a unheard skill of it.

Wrapped firmly in china foil, we started with a chicharrón and roughly immediately a torrent of comfortable sharp season from a abounding immature salsa dribbled forth, a chewy chunks of boiled football charity adult a ambience same to a bad man’s pig belly, though all a douse that comes with it. The lady behind a opposite packaged this one flattering full, to a indicate where we had to stop during a half-way indicate if we wanted to try my second charity while still warm.

And, we know, I’m blissful we did since there was no approach that we wasn’t going to finish this chile relleno burrito in one sitting. Just like a name implies, a culinary lotharios during Golden Burrito have total that undisputable classical chile relleno—stuffed with mucho queso—and managed to justifiably work it, reason it down, flip it and retreat it into a burrito is one of a many strange ways I’ve enjoyed in a prolonged time.

With so many of these flour-wrapped artistic delicacies on a Golden Burrito menu left to try, it would be a damn near-sin to not acknowledge that in further to a countless destiny trips that will be compulsory to representation as many of them as probable though that any time we go, this strain will positively be in my heart and on my lips as we lift into that waste parking lot…

’Cause I’ve got a Golden Burrito, I’ve got a golden possibility to eat today…and with a Golden Burrito, it’ a golden day! Cómpralo ya!”

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