Food Column: La Hacienda El Mexicana serves adult tacos and margaritas

A mariachi rope blares over a loudspeaker and a smell of tacos fill a atmosphere as we step off University Ave, downtown Tuscaloosa and into a old-fashioned building that is La Hacienda El Mexicana. The seating is open, and while a building is tiny there are tables to fit each distance organisation inside.

After settling on a counter by a window looking out toward University Avenue, greetings were done and splash orders were taken. we looked around and took in a brightly colored decorations and delight stuffing a atmosphere from opposite groups huddled together, many deliberating a arriving basketball diversion between Alabama and Mississippi State, that after that night we won.

Entrees were ordered, and now it was time to enjoy. As a chips and salsa strike a table, we was some-more than prepared to puncture in. The crunchy, easily salted, tortilla chips interconnected good with a tangy, sharp and tawny salsa that is done uninformed in-house each day.

Since it was happy hour, we motionless on a strawberry margarita, that was served in a 32 oz pitcher with eyeglasses in unfortunate need of some salt. Their brew was tasty and well-spoken though would have been improved if they had combined adequate tequila to make it a margarita.

My fish and shrimp tacos arrived, and a smell alone had my mouth watering.

As we took a initial punch of my fish taco, we was greeted with a tasty ambience of ideally seasoned and seared, flaky tilapia. The fish sat on a bed of shredded lettuce and was surfaced with shredded queso cheese, all wrapped in a comfortable flour tortilla. They were served with rice and beans, and it was delicious.

It was tough to rip myself divided from my fish tacos, though we was prepared to representation a shrimp tacos. The seasoned shrimp was served on a bed of lettuce, lonesome in queso cheese and wrapped in a flour tortilla, plated with rice, with a side of Pico de Gallo and green cream.

After regulating a toppings to dress my taco, we bit in. we was greeted with succulent, frail shrimp that tasted impossibly fresh. The shrimp was baked to soundness charity a crispy outward and a juicy, proposal inside. The shredded queso had begun to warp giving my taco a creamier texture. we surfaced it with some of a tawny salsa that was leftover from my chips and detected that shrimp tacos had transposed fish tacos as my favorite Mexican dish.

Overall, La Hacienda El Mexicana offers a local, authentic Mexican feel. The tacos and chips and salsa were divine, though we would save my income on drinks and revisit a internal bar instead.  

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