Florida State Fair food contriver shows off her latest violent dessert …

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“Mama Jane” has invented satisfactory dishes for 35 years

“Mama Jane” Harris has invented a kind of food we usually eat once a year for 35 years.

“Mama Jane” Harris has invented a kind of food we usually eat once a year for 35 years.

TAMPA, Fla. — For roughly 4 decades now, “Mama Jane” Harris has combined a kinds of food we usually eat once a year.

They best are slimey and fried. The messier a better. All ideal for Instagram.

Her fans are widespread out all over a country. From state satisfactory to state fair. They energetically expect her newest creation, that debuts during a Florida State Fair.

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The Banana Frenkel Funnel Cake facilities banana beat cake, vanilla custard, confectioner’s sugar, chocolate, carmel and bananas. Lots of  bananas.

“[My fans] are really ardent about their food,” Harris says. “I get a lot of my good ideas from them.”

And “Mama Jane,” who lives in Pensacola when she is even home, takes those ideas and writes them down in her ever-expanding thought book.

“There’s adequate recipes in that book to keep a family going for 50 years after I’m passed and gone,” Harris says. “It’s underneath close and key. No one’s gonna find that book only anywhere.”

The many conspicuous thing about “Mama Jane,” is that for all her success and consistent experimenting, she mostly has no thought what her creations ambience like.

“Believe it or not,” Harris says, “I’m not a large fan of perplexing new foods. And we wanna know a kicker? we haven’t even attempted a Banana Frenkel yet!”

Don’t worry, Mama Jane! Thousands of people will be happy to do that for you.

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