Finally, Rotisserie Chicken With a Side of Late-Night Lounge

Wynwood’s first Old West saloon

Wynwood’s initial rooftop bar

Those were good firsts.

But they should substantially watch their backs, since here comes Wynwood’s initial rotisserie duck spot that doubles as a late-night lounge. 

Welcome to a smashing universe of Le Chick Rotisserie, opening tomorrow in this appealing form

Tomorrow is as good a day as any to dip adult a crony who’s also longing buttermilk crispy boiled duck with sharp maple syrup and make your approach here.

“Here” being an industrial-looking space with country steelwork and antique mirrors sparse about. It looks and feels like a Dutch counterpart, Rotisserie Amsterdam, though with a decidedly more Miami feel. And a thick blue screen that divides a loll from a rest of a space. Yes, a rotisserie with a lounge. Cue a Miami feel.

But initial things first. Head to the dine-in opposite and sequence rotisserie duck in a full or half size. Don’t skip a truffle fries. Or go rogue, skip a duck altogether and opt for BBQ pig ribs. Again, don’t skip a truffle fries.

As one thing leads to another, you’ll find yourself serve behind to a left in the loll with a turn of Fowl Plays and their bourbon, packet and coffee bitters. Hang out on a sofa. Listen to a live music. Consider dancing.

Then, cruise a late-night menu of burgers, duck and fries that kicks off during midnight.

It’s like they’re inside your head.

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