Feeling immature around a gills? Pros share St. Patrick’s Day hangover cures

Whether we tippled too most on St. Patrick’s Day or only indulged some-more than you’re used to, here are some of best hangover remedies for a hair-of-the-dog day. We asked 6 Irish food and splash pros for their medication for a day after a biggest celebration of a year. From tater kid nachos to Irish breakfast, and copiousness of excuses for douse and carbs in between, here are 6 ways to recover.

Toby Maloney is one of a artistic founders of one of Chicago’s swankiest nightclubs, The Violet Hour. With a floor-to-ceiling plush velvet fate and delicious candlelit, it’s zero during all like Maloney’s go-to for hangover food: Superdawg.

“How to helper a hangover like Florence Nightingale?” he asked. The answer: “Two Superdawgs. One sequence of Superonionchips. Extra mayo for a fries. This is per person,” Maloney noted.

“This contingency be all consumed in a car. There is a rejuvenating aspect to sitting in an enclosed space with all of these smashing smells.”

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