FACT CHECK: Did a Man Claim a Unicorn Frappuccino ‘Made Him Gay’?

On 19 Apr 2017, Sad Flag published the claim that a Queens, New York, male blamed Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino for a changing his passionate orientation:

Charles Woodson, age 43, is claiming that a libation he systematic during Starbucks has incited him into a homosexual. Woodson claims that he was dared to try a new Unicorn Frappuccinio from associate co-workers and now believes that he is in fact gay.

“My construction buddies dared me to try it and we did, it looks like it’s a splash for daisies and trust me it is. As shortly as we drank it we felt a disproportion in my body, we saw an appealing lady in a store and thought, wow I’d adore to get adult in that!” pronounced Woodson … Woodson is scheming to sue a Starbucks association for this whole distress and is looking for a allotment in a operation of $10 million dollars.

“It’s not satisfactory yah know, tough guys can’t suffer a libation like that though being called happy and afterwards something like this happens.” pronounced Woodson[.]

The explain was renouned on Facebook in late May 2017, though there was no law to it. Sad Flag’s About page includes a extensive disclaimer labeling itself a “satire and joke site:

SADFLAG.com is a joke and joke site. Names are fictionalized unless we are parodying something or someone real.

We are opposite lawsuits … when they are directed during us.

More disclaimers (not to be confused with “disk climbers” that is a arrange of Silicon Valley prostitute)

SADFLAG.com is corroborated by billions of dollars from shade governments and sly billionaires with tough to pronounce names and faces that demeanour like they have been (or should be) poisoned.

Unfortunately they exclude to compensate for a web hosting. For that we caterer products and services and get paid when we buy something or follow a couple somewhere.

When we’re perplexing to feat your delight we’ll tell you.

Those were prolonged sentences. You contingency be parched.

Wouldn’t we adore to try a impossibly delicious, no sugar, no chemically honeyed Hint water? Yes / No

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