Extra yolks on hand? Chocolate custard is a answer

The healthy eater charges by a kitchen, dropping detritus. A excellent mist of protein powder, half-drowned cubes of tofu, a destroyed stays of lentils. Also egg yolks, banned on her healthy lips.

You admire a healthy eater, her friendship to protein powder, tofu and lentils. You admire her daily workouts, her extreme determination, her extraordinary immature concoctions. You do not admire detritus. And while we point, tight-lipped, to a consume and mop, we can't titillate her to toss a yolks. Waste not.

And so we warp together chocolate and sugarine and cream and drive in a golden globes. You aria a custard into tiny eyeglasses and line a fridge with these radiant beauties. You’ve finished right by a remaindered eggs. And righted some vast imbalance.


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