Exclusive Preview – Robots And Donuts Collide In Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner

There are a few things that can make only about day better, and donuts, robots, and a art of Eric Joyner occur to be a few of them.

Joyner follows adult his renouned 2008 collection Robots and Donuts with another volume of surreal one of a kind art called Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner. Joyner loves to span pleasing landscapes and sharp-witted cities with a accumulation of pleasant desserts, formulating something totally opposite and all his own.

As we can see in this disdainful preview of a new hardcover, there occur to be copiousness of robots and donuts worked into this new volume, though there are also other artistic choices that make any square something truly original. For instance, a sole drudge finds a relaxed space in a forest, though sailing down a lake is a large square of strawberry cake. How did it get there, and does a drudge demeanour during it as a probable esteem or something intruding on his pacific day out?

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Or take one unfolding that presents poetic stream dirty with donuts of all kinds. That would be singular enough, though that Lizard occupying a stone seems to desirous some questions, as does a Cat in an underwater scuba fit of some kind. Not accurately something we see in bland life, though you’ll find copiousness of other engaging takes only like it in Joyner’s new volume of work.

You can find a central outline for Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner below, and some-more images can be found in a gallery.

Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner

Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner

“In this follow-up to a 2008 Robots and Donuts, San Francisco-based artist Eric Joyner showcases his newest and many considerable pieces. By juxtaposing informed equipment with bland foods, he creates dainty masterpieces that both comfort and inspire. Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner is a pleasing volume that entices a reader to stop, contemplate a definition of life, and maybe season a donut or two. Features dozens of new pieces, all of that juxtapose selected toys and honeyed confections.”

Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner is in stores Feb 14.

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