Exclusive: Magnum’s Coming Out With Four New Pints Of Ice Cream

Despite what Rachel Bilson and Cara Delevingne competence lead we to believe, there’s no lovable approach to eat a Magnum ice cream bar. When a crunchy outdoor bombard cracks, as it’s ostensible to, you’re left scrambling to keep a chocolate pieces in check as we headband down your ice cream. Now that a luxe ice cream code is venturing into pints, that problem is solved — and we still get to suffer a famous chocolate shell.

Launching in mid-January, Magnum Tubs come in 4 flavors, and any has a bombard of Belgian chocolate backing a crate (look closely during a cylinder for a visual!). Before opening it, you’re ostensible to “crack” a cylinder by squeezing a sides, causing shards of chocolate to widespread out into each bite. There’s also a thick covering of a Belgian chocolate on top, most like Ben Jerry U.K.’s “Topped” pints, to pound into after opening.

Each season is crazy-rich; distinct all a low-cal, high-protein ice creams now trending, these pints are about as decadent as we can get. An whole pint will set we behind upwards of 1,000 calories, yet they’re so abounding that you’ll be confident prolonged before we get median by a pint. Delish got a possibility to representation a new flavors early, and here’s how they built up:

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream, hazelnuts, and divert chocolate shards, crowned with a divert chocolate bombard with some-more hazelnuts — whoa, baby. It’s like a play of Nutella, though with some-more of a eccentric ambience than a straight-sugar taste. This one was flattering good received.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Raspberry ice cream with dim chocolate pieces, surfaced with a dim chocolate shell. People were separate on this one; some pronounced it had a uncanny aftertaste, and non-raspberry fans apparently didn’t like it. It’s heavier than you’d design for a fruit season (this is Magnum’s, after all), though a dim chocolate balances out a benevolence well.

White Chocolate Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream with white chocolate shards and a white chocolate shell. Despite a vanilla base, white chocolate is a powerful season here. After a punch or two, any some-more seems too sweet. However, if you’re a large white chocolate fan, this competence be your dream scoop.

Milk Chocolate Vanilla

This one was a transparent winner, notwithstanding sounding kind of basic. The combo of tawny vanilla and divert chocolate combo is elementary though delicious, kind of like divert and cookies. You can’t assistance though adore it. One editor pronounced he could eat a whole pint while examination 3 to 4 regretful comedies. We don’t doubt him.

Magnum debuted a pints in Europe and Australia in 2017 and is rising them opposite a U.S. in a second week of January. They’ll be sole for a sell cost of $5.49 per tub.

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