Euclid BurgerFi is a place to be

Burgerfi’s trademark is branded into a tip of any bun like a sign of approval. Burgerfi is located during a dilemma of Rose and Euclid on UK’s campus. Photo by Mark C. Walsh | Staff

Mark C. Walsh

BurgerFi is not your normal discerning food restaurant; it looks some-more like an upscale mark to squeeze a burger with some friends. The place has a really complicated feel to it with digital menus, prosaic shade TVs, wooden and steel tables, and computerized soda dispensers. BurgerFi originated in Florida, though interjection to expansion, has done a approach here to Lexington, Kentucky.

The menu has utterly a few options trimming from burgers to custard. The normal BurgerFi burger comes with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, BurgerFi salsa and discretionary bacon.

The distance of a burger was over a normal discerning food burger and a beef was tasty.

BurgerFi prides themselves on carrying antibiotic and hormone giveaway beef. Each bun is branded with a BurgerFi logo, that adds additional celebrity to a meal. The buns were unbelievably soothing and warm, and a toppings were all fresh. They also have quinoa patty veggie burgers and a breakfast burger with egg, bacon, crush brownish-red and maple syrup.

If we aren’t in a mood for a burger, a menu also includes equipment such as prohibited dogs, palm cut fries and onion rings. A accumulation of choices for toppings are offered: salt and vinegar, parmesan and herbs, prohibited Cajun spices, cheese and chili.

The Vienna Beef prohibited dog was not a biggest for my taste, though it competence be some-more down your alley. The palm cut fries and onion rings were juicy and crispy. The fries and onion rings are offering as a combo too, so, keep that in mind.

The assistant endorsed perplexing a civic fries with Parmesan, spices and aioli. The toppings were intertwined in a fries, that shows a turn of caring that many discerning food restaurants miss when they compensate some-more courtesy to discerning and not adequate to food. It was a truly extraordinary combination.

If we still have room after you’ve finished your meal, a desserts are awesome. The “Oh My Chocolate” is a renouned choice; it’s a brew of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, sprinkles and spirit bites. The coherence was tawny and thick, good for chocolate lovers. There are other flavors like red velvet and pivotal orange cake as well. The custard crater was above average. You can get any commanding we wish out of dual dozen with chocolate or vanilla custard.

The use was great. It seems clear that a employees are happy to work there, and their fun is translated by their work. After we order, we accept a beeper, however, it’s roughly unneeded as my food arrived really shortly thereafter.

BurgerFi provides an knowledge most above normal than a alternatives in a area. Given a proportions and peculiarity of a food, a prices were fair. It’s not a place to go if you’re looking for a discerning punch that hardly shows adult in your bank transactions. That’s not a niche, though we wouldn’t be wasting income if we uncover up.

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