El Pulpo & Tapas Bar, Middletown

Spanish food, definition a cuisine of Spain, is alive and good in Connecticut after dual and a half decades, even if many Nutmeggers would still be hard-pressed to heed it from a food of Spanish-speaking nations, generally Mexico, to that it bears little resemblance. Spanish food is a Mediterranean cuisine that has distant some-more in common with French, Italian and Portuguese food than any cuisines on this side of a Atlantic.

If one’s confused about a difference, a best place to start is substantially with a Spanish grill owned by a Spaniard, where a distinctions are rebate expected to be blurred. At slightest 3 sojourn — in Hartford, New Haven and Danbury. Those being deficient to accommodate a demand, there are about a measure of mostly Latin American-owned Spanish restaurants sparse around Connecticut, several of that are utterly good.


One that we have favourite given it non-stop in Southington in Aug 2012 is El Pulpo Tapas Bar, so we was gratified to see it had spawned a Middletown kin in Jun 2015 in a back of Main Street Market. Owned by Ecuadoreans Kleber Guzman, Carlos Guzman and Fabian Contreras, El Pulpo facilities an al fresco dining porch, that always seems full in good weather. Its interior is romantic, with pale red wainscoting and pale yellow walls that advise a colors of Spain, and ledges and pass-throughs lined with booze bottles.

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