Eat a Burger, Help a Farmer

Friday’s special burger night during Marcyzk Fine Foods will assistance keep tolerable farms in business for generations to come.

| Jul 19, 2018

When many carnivores lay down for a luscious beef or pig chop, they substantially don’t consider most about where a beef came from. But we all should. The immeasurable infancy of beef consumed in this nation comes from bureau farms barbarous for their cruel and inhumane diagnosis of animals. These large operations also poise critical health risks for beef eaters and infect a environment. So, where do burgers come in?

Peter Marczyk and Barbara Macfarlane of Marczyk Fine Foods want to safeguard that good meat, privately a humanely- and sustainably-raised Niman Ranch meat they supply their stores with finds a approach onto American plates for generations to come. On Friday, July 20, they’ll horde a special burger night fundraiser during both a Uptown and Hale Marczyk locations to benefit the Next Generation Scholarship Fund, that supports immature Niman Ranch farmers as they serve their educations and commitments to obliged cultivation practices.

Founded in a early 1970s, Niman is a mild of some-more than 700 farmers committed to lifting stock in a normal way: outdoors, with a leisure to graze, and though any combined hormones. It’s a process that has turn increasingly rare; as a number of American farms continues to drop, a distance of a farms increases. These large industrial operations, mostly called CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), can residence thousands of animals underneath one roof, mostly in cramped spaces. The Niman disproportion is palpable, both implicitly and in a season of a pork, lamb, and beef they produce.

On Friday, guest during Marcyzk’s burger night can establish a latter fact for themselves. For 9 dollars, you’ll sup on a house-ground Niman Ranch burger on a City Bakery brioche bun with all a fixings: cheese, uninformed heirloom tomatoes, and a rainbow of condiments.

You’ll also get a possibility to discuss directly with Niman farmers, including college comparison Dane Kruse, a sixth era sow rancher from Silver City, Iowa study Agricultural Science during Northwest Missouri State University by a Next Generation Scholarship. After graduation in May 2019, Kruse skeleton to lapse to a land his family has owned for some-more than 100 years to continue tillage in a tolerable manner.

Marczyk Fine Foods has a interest in ensuring these farmers stay in business: Since a initial store non-stop 16 years ago, Marczyk has sole Niman products exclusively. “The initial reason is, it’s amazing,” Macfarlane says. “The second is that there are many things America does well, though mass-producing animals is not one of them. What is a genuine cost of that 99 cent per bruise pork?” Macfarlane says that Niman is a usually arguable retailer that has been means to say a tolerable custom in a face of extensive challenges.

Which is because a Marczyk group skeleton to present all of a deduction from Friday’s burger night (minus a cost of labor) directly to Niman farmers. To serve accelerate a grant fund, a integrate will reason a second fundraising cooking featuring Niman lamb during their home for 60 of their best customers.

“The plea of gripping kids on a plantation is real,” Macfarlane says. “So, if we can lift a garland of income for them, that’s a best thing we can do.”

If we go: The Burger Night Fundraiser is on Friday, Jul 20 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. during Marcyzk Fine Foods, 770 E. 17th Ave and 5100 E. Colfax Ave.

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