East Coast Wings & Grill Celebrates National Chicken Wing Day

In respect of National Chicken Wing Day on Jul 29, East Coast Wings Grill will be awarding guest national with a document current for 5 giveaway duck wings on their subsequent visit.

Proclaimed in Buffalo, New York, in 1977 as a day to respect a strange recipe of mixing hot-sauce and butter to emanate buffalo sauce, a whole nation has given taken note of this fascinating recipe, spawning a adore event between Americans, buffalo sauce, and duck wings nationwide.

Guests are speedy to revisit East Coast Wings Grill on this useful arise to join associate duck wing fanatics indulge in and applaud a dear duck wing. The North Carolina-based infrequent family dining authorization offers dozens of flavors that can be interconnected with 9 feverishness intensities, formulating hundreds of tasty salsa options catering to everyone’s ambience buds.

“National Chicken Wing Day is one of a favorite holidays during East Coast Wings Grill,” says Sam Ballas, CEO of East Coast Wings Grill. “It allows us to compensate reverence to a substructure a business is built on, in further to giving behind to constant and new guest alike. We wish everybody enjoys National Chicken Wing Day.”

Known for a far-reaching accumulation of buffalo wings, East Coast Wings Grill offers nationally award-winning wing salsas that are churned to sequence with a freshest ingredients. Inspired by opposite cultures—The Islands, Tex Mex, Classic American, Asian, Southern BBQ, European, Bayou and more—at East Coast Wings Grill, village members can suffer dozens of flavors of duck wings and select from 9 feverishness intensities, ensuing in hundreds of probable combinations that can be combined to many entrees and of course, wings. While wings sojourn a staple, a restaurant’s six-page menu includes burgers, salads, sandwiches and more.

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