Eagle Rock’s Turningfire Rotisserie Chicken Spot Spins No More

Another day, another bit of news for Eagle Rock’s unexpected really active grill scene, as relations visitor Turningfire has motionless to close. The place has been sealed adult parsimonious with no inside activity given a new year, and Eater has reliable with tenure that a grill will not return.

On a face, Turningfire had a demeanour and menu of a place designed to do large business. Offering a accumulation of rotisserie duck entrees accessible in opposite ways (wraps, salads, bowls mostly) and drink and wine, a thought was to locate a lunch and cooking crowds with dishes that were as healthy as anyone wanted them to be. Sadly a stage never took off among a immature family throng in Eagle Rock, and a preference was done by owners Michael Riboli to lift a plug.

There’s no word nonetheless on what, if anything, will immediately reinstate Turningfire, though it’s not tough to suppose something coming in soon. Eagle Rock has been on glow with news (both of openings and shutters) in a grill zone of late, including a integrate of new places charity wood-fired pizzas and tough wine only adult a street.

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