Dover propagandize house to take Dairy Queen by venerable domain

DOVER The Dover City Schools Board of Education will pierce brazen to squeeze a skill it needs to build a new high propagandize by appropriation a Dairy Queen on Tuscarawas Avenue by venerable domain.

The house voted during a special assembly Thursday to yield a notice of intent, that includes a satisfactory marketplace value offer from a district and that Dover DQ Holdings LLC has 30 days from a receipt of a notice to accept or reject a offer.

Four members voted in preference of a resolution, with Steve Mastin, who is a Wendy’s authorization owner, abstaining.

“We have already sealed on 9 properties and we have contracts on 6 some-more that we’re formulation to tighten on subsequent week,” Superintendent Carla Birney pronounced after a special house meeting. “This is only to offer a notice to a owners of a Dairy Queen that we need a skill to build a high school.”

Birney pronounced negotiations have left nowhere with a Dairy Queen owners.

“The house feels that we’ve tried,” she said. “This is a final embankment effort. We’ve attempted other means, and we only feel that this is a subsequent step that we need to take since a priority is gripping this devise on time and on budget. We can’t wait any longer. We need to pierce forward.”

She pronounced she hopes that a dual sides will still be means to negotiate and come to some agreement.

“I feel that we have been open and upfront with this community, even behind when we were on a list in 2014,” she said. “The former superintendent (Bob Hamm) and house members talked with a skill owners and said, this is a plan. If we’re relocating forward, we’re going to need to acquire your property, and during that time they all pronounced they would work with us.

“Back in Mar and Apr of 2016, before we even voted to put it on a list in November, we privately talked to all a skill owners, and they pronounced if this is what a village wants, they’ll work with us. we trust we’ve been satisfactory to a 15 skill owners that we’ve reached agreements with, and we would wish that we can still negotiate with a Dairy Queen and come to a satisfactory cost so we can pierce brazen for a raise of a community.”

April Angel-Yoder, a Dairy Queen’s handling manager, pronounced there have been no negotiations between a dual sides. She is a daughter of infancy owners David and Betty Angel.

“The propagandize house did contention an estimation to us that they had commissioned,” she said. “They have not done us an offer to respond to.”

She pronounced she has had no hit with a district, though her profession perceived a estimation and her profession has had hit with Dover’s attorney.

“I’m unhappy that they’re holding this step,” she said. “We would like to keep a business and a private property. we do doubt a prerequisite of a district appropriation a property. we was anticipating they would try other options. we was underneath a arrogance that they haven’t hired an designer yet, so we was anticipating they would find a approach to work around us.”

She pronounced they will wait and see what a district offers.

“We would be peaceful to negotiate,” Angel-Yoder said. “Ultimately, we would cite to keep my business and property, though we are peaceful to negotiate.”

If Dover’s offer is rejected, or if an agreement can't be reached, a district would have a right to record lawsuit to acquire a property.

Voters authorized a 4.4-mill bond emanate in Nov to build a new high propagandize during the stream plcae on N. Walnut Street. 



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