Dover Board of Education acts to acquire Dairy Queen skill by …

DOVER The Dover Board of Education took a initial step Thursday to acquire a Dairy Queen skill on Tuscarawas Avenue by venerable domain for a new high propagandize project.

The house upheld a fortitude to trigger procedures in sequence to suitable skill underneath a supplies spelled out in a Ohio Revised Code. Four members voted yes. Board member Steve Mastin abstained.

The district needs to squeeze 16 properties to have a land required to build a new high school. It has already sealed on 9 of them, and Superintendent Carla Birney pronounced she expects to tighten on an additional 6 properties subsequent week.

In November, Dover electorate authorized a 4.4-mill bond emanate to build a new three-story high propagandize during a site of a stream N. Walnut Street. Residents will minister $26 million to a project, and a Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will yield a remaining $20.3 million.

The new building will be built around a stream facility. Officials wish to have a new high propagandize prepared for students by a tumble of 2019.

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