DOH Shutters Van Leeuwen’s Ludlow Street Ice Cream Shop

Van Leeuwen is not grateful for a Department of Health, it seems.

The city group forsaken in on a Ludlow Street ice cream emporium a day after Thanksgiving, and wielded a might. As a result, a location, that opened in Oct 2017, has been sealed in a days since.

According to open records, a year-old dessert emporium notched 43 defilement points mostly due to “evidence of live mice benefaction in facility’s food and/or non-food areas,” and for a trickery not being “vermin proof.” The dreaded yellow plaque now greets business on a front door.

Word on a street, however, is that Van Leeuwen will free during 172 Ludlow Street by a finish of a week. Possibly Thursday.

Van Leeuwen non-stop this Lower East Side plcae in Oct 2017. It took a space before assigned by a second incarnation of Ludlow Guitars, that eventually fled Hell Square in a summer of 2016.

When Ludlow Guitars left, Jul 2016

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