Do we feel drawn to rotisserie chicken? There is a reason

When we travel into your favorite grocery store, does a golden-brown whole rotisserie duck seem to wave to you? That’s by design.

The article, headlined “Your grocer unequivocally wants we to have duck tonight” on, facilities an edited question-and-answer with Annie Gasparro of The Wall Street Journal about a “value of rotisserie chickens and a ways stores tempt shoppers to buy them.”

“The baked birds have turn a grocery store tack over a final 20 years, and stores are increasingly relying on them to stay in a black,” according to

“More than 600 million sole in a U.S. final year,” Gasparro said.

As nourishment columnist Molly Kimball forked out in her 2017 article, picking adult a rotisserie duck can be a healthy approach to go, if we shop for them carefully.

“The macronutrients for duck – calories, fat, carbs and protein – typically don’t change too most among rotisserie chickens,” she wrote. “Most are seasoned with dry rubs that don’t impact these stats, and they’re not complicated on sweetened or greasy marinades.”

She urges folks to check a sodium, however, since it varies severely from code to brand.

Photo by Teddie Taylor

The grocers might wish we to buy them, though there zero wrong with that. Right?

These chickens can assistance we put a healthful dish on a list so quickly.

And, as a essay noted, a grocer deli counters offer lots of sides as well, to make it easy for bustling folks to build a meal.

After that initial meal, there are any series of ways to use that leftover poultry.

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