Ditch a beef during these Buford Highway spots

If we crave meat, there’s copiousness to be found on Buford Highway, from messy, luscious chorizo tortas to Malaysian-style duck served with duck batch rice and soy sauce.

Options turn scanter along metro Atlanta’s general culinary frame if what you’re looking for doesn’t have fins or feet. Most restaurants have during slightest one or dual vegetarian dishes, though you’ll be tough pulpy to find menus with vast veggie sections or eateries that go out of their approach to accommodate herbivores.

Here are some Bu-Hi spots to check out if you’re feeling some-more broccoli than beef:

Harmony Vegetarian (4897 Buford Highway, Chamblee. 770-457-7288, harmonyvegetarian.com). Any list of vegetarian food on Buford Highway would be deficient though a discuss of Harmony, tucked inside a Orient Center Shopping Plaza. The grill where we take your meat-eating crony who wants to feel like they’re still eating meat, Harmony has been catering to Chinese-loving vegetarians for some-more than dual decades. Nearly each plate is done with some form of fabrication meat, including “lamb” prepared with mushrooms, and wontons pressed with “beef” done from soybean protein and gluten flour. Especially value an sequence is a sharp chili soup, a thick, dainty gas dotted with pieces of corn, carrots, pea pods, tofu and large chunks of fabrication shrimp. It’s not “close your eyes and you’ll consider you’re eating tangible shrimp” kind of shrimp, though it comes flattering damn close. 

What to eat on Buford Highway:

Dish Korean Cuisine (5000 Buford Highway, Chamblee. 470-299-8886, dishkoreancuisine.com). Pretty many a final place we wish to find yourself if you’re a vegetarian is a Korean grill restaurant, surrounded by plateau of bulgogi and galbi. Sure, we can make a plate out of a several banchan that are served on a side, though since banish yourself to side dishes when we can get a full, gratifying categorical plate that employs many of a same flavors and mixture used in normal Korean barbecue, though a meat? Dish’s menu offers copiousness of veggie-friendly options, and lots of dishes that can be done vegetarian on request. Especially notable is a robust tofu and portobello steak: large bites of tofu and fungus and slices of sauteed red bell pepper, onions and scallions organised in an suave quarrel and drizzled with a sweet, gummy residence sauce. Also, check out a kimchi jigae, a spicy, piquant kimchi meal done with chopped scallions, onions and cabbage. Still not full? You always can collect during those banchan, including tawny Korean potato salad and cold broccoli. 

Mamak (5150 Buford Highway, Doraville. 678-395-3192, mamak-kitchen.com). The flavors of Malaysia are on full arrangement in a dishes during Mamak, that also leans on Chinese and Indian influences for a ingredients. Much of a menu, including a preference of noodles, can be practiced to accommodate vegetarians — only ask a waitstaff to underling in vegetables in place of beef or fish. Soups, in particular, are a protected bet, with many of a restaurant’s broths done with nonmeat stocks, including a perfumed curry laksa, that can be prepared with unfeeling broth, coconut divert and vegetables holding a place of duck or gangling ribs. Sambal okra, one of a menu’s strongest dishes, uses a sambal salsa done with shrimp sauce, creation it a no-go for vegetarians, though a garlic okra is a estimable replacement. 

Yummy Spicy (5164 Buford Highway, Doraville. 770-680-5605, yummyspicyga.com). A menu featuring a whole territory clinging to vegetables is one to take note of — generally when a veggies are treated with as many caring as they are during this Sichuan spot. The go-to is a glorious dry-fried eggplant — spears of eggplant flash-fried in a beat that uses a hurts-so-good Sichuan peppercorn seasoning. A word of caution: Just since it’s listed underneath a vegetarian streamer doesn’t pledge that it’s indeed meat-free. Some dishes embody beef sauces, or are surfaced with beef (mapo tofu, for instance), so ask before ordering.

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