Dita Von Teese Loves Hosting Fondue Parties

Von Teese during Little Dom’s, nearby her Los Feliz home.

Photo: Bradley Meinz

The Grub Street Diet debuted 10 years ago, and to celebrate, we’ve asked some favorite subjects to once again account all they eat and drink. “Last time we did this, we beheld a commentary: Some people pronounced we ate too much, and others that we didn’t eat enough,” says mime star, slip designer, and author Dita Von Teese. “I consider people wish to suspect that all we caring about is how skinny we am or something. It’s engaging that people decider food so harshly, given it’s such a personal thing. we was like, I’ve got to do this again, given it’s so crazy to review people’s opinions on what others eat.”

Sunday, Sep 18
I spent a weekend adult in Idyllwild with a organisation of 20 friends, holding over a fabulously kitschy cabins of a newly non-stop Hicksville Pines (where we can stay in a Dita Von Teese chalet). For a organisation stay, we substituted cooking and cleaning teams, and this morning happened to be my team’s day to prepare brunch for 20. We kept it simple, with one of my favorite elementary salads done with arugula, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and hunger nuts, with a bit of olive oil and rice vinegar. We also done breakfast sandwiches with toasted pretzel bagels and steam-basted eggs (my favorite way!) with customarily a hold of smoked sea salt. we also used a leftover vegetables from a hibachi-grill feast a night before to make dual quiches. Taittinger mimosas to console ourselves on depart day.

I had a large breakfast, so we didn’t unequivocally stop for lunch on a expostulate home, though we did have some cherry tomatoes left over from a salad, so we snacked on those. That’s been my available go-to break lately. When we got home, we had some Mary’s Gone Crackers with some almond cheese — another favorite puncture snack.

I adore cooking and recently redid my kitchen in a Snow White angel tale–Art Deco–meets–Tudor style, and it competence customarily be a many glamorous room in a house, so we like to spend a lot of time in there. we done one of my favorite recipes from a book called The Beauty Detox Power by Kimberly Snyder. It’s a kale salad with almond-ginger dressing, and it’s easy to make and hearty. The sauce is so dainty with sesame oil, almond butter, ginger, orange juice, and miso paste. we have a small honeyed tooth, so thereafter we done another recipe from Kim’s book: a prohibited elixir done with almond milk, cardamon, saffron, and honey.

When we remodeled my kitchen, we bought a British-racing-green cast-iron Aga stove, with copper accents. It’s a genuine showpiece when people transport into my kitchen. They contend things like, “Stove porn!” I’d been fantasizing about it for a prolonged time — it’s what Julia Child used — though Aga stoves need a totally opposite process of cooking. There are 3 ovens, and we don’t unequivocally set a temperature; we kind of pierce things around. I’m still training about it, and we review my primer a lot, and it includes a recipe for a famous slow-cooked porridge, that has been life-changing. we churned a steel-cut oats with H2O and salt in my heart-shaped cast-iron pan, and popped that in a low-temperature oven to prepare overnight. Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t like oatmeal, is totally dismayed that it doesn’t have butter and cream in it.

Monday, Sep 19
Up splendid and early for my workout; we always make myself a immature smoothie before we go. Because I’ve been divided all weekend, we don’t have many in a fridge, though we brew lemon, water, parsley, immature apple, and spinach together. we know it’s an acquired ambience for some, though a some-more we splash my greens, a some-more my physique wants. we theory it’s like a retreat of sugar-soda addiction. we suspect we haven’t had a soda given we used to splash Cactus Coolers in a ’90s! Make no mistake, I’m not as trained as we sound; we customarily consider soda is an positively invalid vice.

I come home and take a porridge out of a oven and make my favorite extra-smoky Mariages Frères Lapsang Souchong tea. I’ve got so many friends dependant to this that now we have to leave space in my luggage for it when we go to Paris. The porridge is boundless as usual, like a tawny soufflé with chewy baked browned edges. we flow some maple syrup on it and again marvel during how this can come out so deliciously with customarily water, oatmeal, and salt! we unequivocally need some-more witnesses to how extraordinary this porridge is.

I had lunch during one of my favorite area spots, Stamp Foods in Los Feliz. When this place non-stop up, we rejoiced! Always tough to confirm that of my favorite dishes to order, though currently it’s a Moroccan lentils and eggs with a coconut-oil bulletproof coffee. I’ve never unequivocally been a coffee drinker, though when we moved, we started celebration it. we unequivocally indispensable a additional caffeine to pierce all of my antiques and clothes. we wasn’t certain about butter in my coffee, though it became engaging to me when we review about coconut oil — we use it a lot in beauty and in cooking. we don’t splash coffee adequate to notice a disproportion in taste, though we like a thought of it.

I adore hosting themed potluck dinners during my house. we motionless to make a cheese fondue served with vegetables and bread to dip, and Champagne. It was a outrageous hit. we review that a initial chairman to dump something into a fondue has to horde a subsequent fondue party. I’ve prolonged wanted to horde a “Fundue Fondue” party, with fondues of all opposite kinds, and everybody wearing extraordinary wigs — like how Ellen von Unwerth used to horde wig parties in Paris. Perhaps subsequent time. But potlucks are great, given people adore meditative of a plate to move and bragging about it. And also, we don’t have to do many work, solely for a cleanup.

I’ve always desired cooking and entertaining. we like creation things that are pleasing — things that people go “Ooh and ahh” over. It’s one of a reasons we chose a fondue. we pronounced to my boyfriend, “What am we going to make? Everyone expects me to make something exciting!” we like a wow factor, though we don’t like to make difficult meals. Simple things that are impressive. One of a reasons is that we transport so many for work, and we eat out a lot, and we always skip creation my own, simple, unfussy food during home. we find it to be unequivocally therapeutic.

Tuesday, Sep 20
I kept fantasizing about a croissant during Moby’s vegan restaurant, Little Pine, though it’s customarily open for brunch on a weekends, so I’ll have to wait. we really, unequivocally adore his restaurant. Instead, as it’s a weekday, I’m disciplined, carrying a immature smoothie with spinach, mango, and ginger. I’m inspired a integrate hours later, so we make myself avocado toast on Food for Life’s super-seed gluten-free bread with a small smoked sea salt on top.

For lunch, we systematic in from Stamp Foods again — this time a avocado salad with chickpea mash. we customarily squirrel divided half of my Stamp Foods dishes for after or a subsequent day.

I went to Guisados Tacos in Echo Park for tacos with homemade tortillas — hongos criminal cilantro, calabacitas, and a quesadilla done with scarcely burnt queso panela. we indeed have fantasies about a tortillas when I’m traveling. Tacos are really one of my weaknesses, and we adore that it’s BYO and we can move your possess mezcal, that is what we like to do. we used to have taco parties when we lived in Paris, given Mexican food there is terrible. I’d container adult boxes with taco-seasoning brew and tough shells, and my French friends would customarily go crazy for it.

I consider I’ve turn a small some-more loose in a past 4 years or so, given we last did a Grub Street Diet. we was stricter about what we eat — I’d think, I wish to dump a small weight before we do these shows — and once we stopped obsessing and customarily sat down and took my time to suffer food, it helped.

Wednesday, Sep 21
I had smoothie, of march — this one done with Garden of Life vegan protein powder, chia seeds, hemp milk, pineapple, ginger, and turmeric.

For lunch, we had a elementary salad done with a favorite salad dressing, also from Kimberly’s book. It’s oil-free and done simply with lemon, avocado, honey, and garlic. Delicious!

For dinner, we had a special night out during Sasabune, a prosy place in Glendale, that has a best sushi I’ve ever had outward of Japan. My beloved detected this place and was like, “We have to go!” It’s in a uncanny mall subsequent to a California Pizza Kitchen. There’s a humorous pointer when we transport in that says, “No California roll. No sharp tuna roll.” We always have a chef’s special. And we like that it’s not imagination during all — we can wear whatever and can demeanour like whatever. It’s not see-and-be-seen. Whenever we feel like I’ve had a good day and worked hard, we go there. It’s good to provide yourself.

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