Dip, dunk, savor: America’s 15 favorite fondue restaurants

Fondue, mostly billed as a inhabitant plate of Switzerland, is traditionally done with a mix of Swiss cheeses, booze and spices, and consumed out of pots over a tabletop burner regulating skewers surfaced with bread. While fondue became utterly renouned in America in a 1960s and ’70s, a plate has reappeared, as it’s developed to embody any dining knowledge where equipment are baked and eaten out of community bowls, like meats and veggies parched in prohibited oil and fruits and desserts dipped in effervescent chocolate. However, a cheesy fondue movement still stays an American favorite. 

To boil it down to a best in a nation, Hoodline crunched a numbers to find a tip 15 fondue restaurants around a country, regulating Yelp information and a possess special sauce* to furnish a data-driven relapse of where fondue reigns autarchic opposite a U.S.

Swiss Hibiscus. | Photo: Jedd C./Yelp

Topping a list is Oregon’s Swiss Hibiscus, located at 4950 N.E. 14th Ave. in Portland’s Alberta Arts district. With an considerable 5 stars out of 425 reviews on Yelp, this family-run business facilities a normal cheese fondue, that can feed dual to 4 people. The plate is stoical of a mix of Swiss cheeses, white booze and kirschwasser (morello cherry brandy) served with cubes of French bread for dipping. You can turn out a dish with one of a restaurant’s Swiss-style cooking salads as good for an additional charge. 


In second place is New York’s Taureau with 4.5 stars out of 552 reviews. Located at 558 Broome St. in New York City’s South Village, this French-inspired mark offers 3 fondue variations to select from. Look for cheese fondue with a choice of blends, like cheddar-Monterey, smoked Dutch, Soprano or Devil’s Wiff, among others; fondue Bourguignonne with a choice of protein dipped in prohibited oil, such as pig tenderloin, hanger steak, filet mignon or duck breast; and dark, divert or white chocolate fondue with anniversary fruits and marshmallows for dessert. 

Geja’s Cafe. | Photo: Jake S./Yelp

The third-place mark goes to Geja’s Cafe in Chicago, Illinois, with 4 stars out of 1,328 reviews. Located at 340 W. Armitage Ave. in Lincoln Park, this mark serves a cheese fondue with alien Gruyere blended with white wine, Kirsch cherry brandy and spices; and chocolate fondue flamed with orange liqueur served with an collection of fruits and goodies like Rice Krispies treats, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows. The restaurant’s premier fondue dinners embody an endless preference of seafood, beef and veggies dipped in effervescent oil. 

Notable discuss goes to Orlando, Florida’s The Melting Pot, that has mixed locations via a U.S. The inhabitant sequence facilities a four-course dish with your choice of cheese fondue, salad, an snack and a chocolate fondue. 

When it comes to how prevalent fondue businesses are, state by state, Colorado shows a strongest ratio of fondue outlets compared to all other categories, with Wyoming, Oregon, Nevada and Virginia a runners-up. So, Colorado should be your tip stop if we wish a farrago of fondue options to select from.

Want to know where to measure a best fondue a nation has to offer? Here’s a outline of a 15 American fondue eateries to hit off your bucket list:

  1. Swiss Hibiscus (Portland, Oregon) 
  2. Taureau (New York City, New York)
  3. Geja’s Cafe (Chicago, Illinois)
  4. Bratzeit (Dahlonega, Georgia)
  5. Colorado Fondue Company (Casselberry, Florida) 
  6. The Little Dipper Fondue (Wilmington, North Carolina) 
  7. La Fondue (Saratoga, California) 
  8. The Little Dipper (Durham, North Carolina) 
  9. Kashkaval Garden (New York City, New York) 
  10. Simply Fondue (Livermore, California) 
  11. Samples Longmont (Longmont, Colorado) 
  12. Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant (Manitou Springs, Colorado) 
  13. Rok N Fondue (Redlands, California) 
  14. Fondue Cowboy (San Francisco, California) 
  15. Chez Boet (Naples, Florida) 

* To establish “best” businesses, Hoodline took into comment a business’s Yelp rating and a stress of that rating proportional to a series of reviews, as good as informal variations, to safeguard that states with a stronger settlement of reviews don’t have an astray advantage over states that tend to examination businesses reduction frequently.

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