Dinner in minutes: This one-pot dish marries risotto sorcery with a good-for-you grain

A comfortable and smooth slurp of minestrone is all good and good, though I’m even some-more prejudiced to a next-day thickening that occurs when a soup’s pasta or grains have been refrigerated in tomato broth. The outcome is risotto-like, enlivening recipe developers to hitch “-otto” to a tail finish of such plate names.

This barlotto is my new favorite of that genre, done with pearl barley. What a pellet loses in fiber — vs. a hulled reflection — it creates adult for by cooking faster while maintaining a evil chew. Here, sun-dried tomatoes amp adult a red flavor, and a squish cooks only prolonged adequate in a one-pot brew to turn tender.

You could toss in uninformed or dusty herbs, though we like a morality of a dish’s onion and garlic.

Should we find yourself with cold leftovers, puncture in with a ladle before we comfortable them adult with a douse of H2O or some-more unfeeling broth.

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