Did Fox News Ignore News of Paul Manafort’s Indictment and Cover a Cheeseburger Emoji Controversy Instead?


Fox News didn’t news violation domestic news about a complaint of Paul Manafort and instead ran coverage of discuss involving a cheeseburger emoji.





 Conservative news did not make a dish of a stupid emoji story about cheeseburgers instead of covering a sovereign review into purported Russian choosing tampering.

The complaint of Paul Manafort on 30 Oct 2017 trended opposite Twitter (with hashtags like #HappyIndictmentDay), as did a associated meme suggesting that Fox News instituted a trance of a domestic growth in preference of stating a same news carried on competitors MSNBC and CNN:

It didn’t take prolonged for a explain to take base as a verbatim comment of Fox News’ 30 Oct 2017 programming news during breaking, high-interest domestic news:

The Twitter timeline for @FoxAndFriends told a opposite story. Tweets point with a show’s on-air stating centered heavily on Manafort’s complaint — and we were incompetent to find any joining to calm about a “cheeseburger emoji”:

During a peak of ubiquitous coverage (at 8:18 AM EST and after), @FoxAndFriends tweeted:

However, Fox was not a usually vital news network to cover a cheeseburger emoji discuss on a same day a complaint done headlines:

Although it appears that a meme began as a fun about Fox News covering a cheeseburger emoji discuss in lieu of a accepted events surrounding Paul Manafort, it fast became something people on amicable media believed was literally a case.

Independent fact-checking site Shooting a Messenger changed fast to debunk a story:

But did the famously Trump-friendly news network unequivocally destroy to news Manafort’s complaint in foster of Google’s apparent emoji cheeseburger crisis?

The answer, unfortunately for Hannity-haters everywhere, is no.

As this shave from this morning’s Fox Friends shows, a bulk of airtime was spent in expectation of a indictment, with a emoji story quickly appearing to pad out a uncover between updates….

The story after done an coming as partial of a brief news round-up that aired immediately before a blurb break.

By comparison, CNN also lonesome a emoji debate, nonetheless Twitter focused on a early morning show’s extensive coverage of a Manafort news.

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Kirell, Andrew.   “How ‘Fox Friends’ Comforted Its Viewers (Trump) Amid Manafort News.”
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